New Steam Build - 1.0.8a

Greetings Adventurers, especially STEAM Adventurers!

We’ve just pushed out a new version of the 1.0.8 client to all of you on Steam that fixes a few problems:
• Scrolling backwards in the weapons menu caused all weapon images to disappear
• Some troop images were vanishing when scrolling quickly in the troops menu
• Fix for crash when playing 2 defends in a row
• Income calculation reporting incorrectly for many cities in Kingdom/Income menu/tab
• When purchasing multiple troops/Traitstones from a pack, the reward popup now shows the NUMBER you receive

We also have these fixes for Android & iOS devices, and they have been submitted for approval. There is a tiny tiny tiny chance they might be ready next week sometime, but I wouldn’t bet my Fortress Gate on it. We’ll have those fixes to you as soon as we are able though!

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Thanks for the hard work. :smiley: (Still missing the disenchanting features tho…)

Thanks all!

Hey! Winning an AI defend gives 3 glory now. Thanks for fixing it. :3

Winning a defend is still not worth it, but at least now it is slightly better.

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We also raised the gold for a win to 100 (iOS/Android AND Steam)
I agree that’s probably on the low side, but a step in the right direction at least.

I’m curious though… how much do you think would make it worthwhile? The same as an Invade victory? Or some other combination of rewards perhaps? No promises, but I’d love to hear some feedback.


From my point of view I would say considerably less than a corresponding invasion since you basically get those rewards ‘for free’, but still enough to make it worthwile. 25-50% of their gold reward should be a good number. As far as I know your gold multipliers are not applied on defenses so it is kind of hard to compare to invades. Maybe add some other goodies there, e.g. traitstones. Right now you only get them from invading, not from defense. And everyone wants traitstones at the moment. Kill two birds with one stone :wink:


Wait we get stuff for defends now? Forget the Mythic Common squad, Mythic Legendaries now!

I agree with xSidarothx, about what it is at the moment with a random traitstone thrown in would be a good return.

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between 5-10 glory a defend closer to 10 would be better :blush:

400 gold and 25 souls would be balanced I think, enough to make it worth, not enough to cross the line. I would be much more than happy if this was actually a thing, I’ve been defending with strong teams since forever.

If imp-lementable: 30% Gold it cost to fight you, 2 Glory, 5 Souls
Otherwise: 100 Gold, 2 Glory, 5 Souls

With this scheme it’s the equivalent of a revenge but a little less payout. Still worthwhile, but not guaranteed the smartest option.

Raising it too high could lead to purely strong teams because it’s believed it’s better to defend successfully. (Which would further thoroughly cut variety from invasions.)
While a poor defense means you revenge, which has a cap on it unlike successful defends.

That’ll help. It’s gold for doing nothing after all (will be popular with much of this player base :stuck_out_tongue: )

Upping it too much will resolve after all the debate about the worth of losing/winning Defends… @Sirrian are you trying to encourage (finally?) people playing their best defence team?

It’s balance between:

  • too low and Revenges will be the preferable option - all the loot of an invade for only 50 cost? or
  • too high, and it risks everyone sticking out the exact same set of goblin or dragon cheese (in the shorter term at least)

Personally I’d keep it low-ish - yes it feels counter-intuitive but players have all interpreted it widely so far, from @Serale’s friendly ‘git-orf-moy-land’ hostility to @marvelkit’s welcoming team… and anywhere in between, which hasn’t done much harm…

I think I’d go completely thematic on the reward. The people in the kingdom are happy you defended them, so their chance of tribute increases.


It has been mentioned many times before, but I believe the one thing that would really balance out defend wins from its current state is if an AI defend win gives the winning player the gold the losing player used to engage the battle, or at least a portion of it like 25-50%.

The other thing I would like to see is the slow trickle of trait stones for defend wins. Actual battles would have given that chance, so defend wins should too.


I really like this option. It should probably increase the chance by a decent amount, so that you can notice the difference, and go back to normal once you collect from that kingdom. Not sure how easy that is to code, but it would be really cool.

I don’t think I talk like that.

You would if you were from Norfolk and not Costa Rica… but my point was that you always said you wanted the strongest defence team to make things hard for invaders…

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Ah, so that was the cause. Indeed my second crash happened in a second defense game I was on the way to win.

I’d make defensive wins drop traitstones based on attacking team as spoils of war. (i.e legends drop better frags than commons… using some chance)

But before anything make sure retreat and other exists still send something to the defender.

OTOH: as mentioned elsewhere fixing the defends may result in massive increase in defending team strengths, possibly also reducing diversity toppling the metagame and alienating players.