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iOS: New Version (mini update) 2.0.106

Hi iOS folks,

The wait is over! As some of you have already noticed, we’ve just pushed out a mini update to 2.0.1. It fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed a bunch of trait & spell-related issues (impervious issues, frozen issues including Mab’s 3rd trait, locust swarm not targeting life)
  • Fixed some bugs in explore mode (overwriting challenges & weird troops appearing)
  • Facebook notification icon

If you’re on iOS, grab the new update!


Sweet. Come on lunch break!

Text must be modified

Could you try close the game and restarting? We put a fix out soon after the update went live to fix that.

Mine says 13.


Thank you :slight_smile:

PSA: Don’t forget to leave a review!


qft. fixed.


Gob Chomper devours a goblin with a barrier - the barrier got transferred over to the chomper.


same thing happens with maw on pc / mobile… has for quite some time.

Ah, ok. I guess it’s never happened to me before, so I didn’t know it was

Thanks Her third traits works fine now! :slight_smile:

The game has been crashing quite a bit lately on iOS. Mainly right after a match. It also seems to crash more when multi-tasking (like getting a phone call or switching apps for a second). I noticed it do the same thing in previous updates, but would get better as time went by. Is this always an issue with new patches to the game on iOS? Can we look forward to this being more of a problem now that patches will be coming in more frequently?