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What is your explore team?

I like the BT + DD combo. Siren + BT or Siren + DD also works quite well.

Im waiting on the wing pack to trait mercy, good thinking my friend ^_^. Green seer VS Gorgotha it depends on the board , I would have to test both to see what’s faster.

Y U NO turn on mana #s?

I figured that my Explore team may as well also get my much-needed Soul farming done at the same time, so it’s Green Slime, Keeper of Souls, Valk, and Rowanne.

Tangentially speaking of Exploring, is there any indication that playing on higher difficulties increases the chance for Arcanes? I’ve been playing on either Hard or Warlord I just so I can idly steamroll through, but I also went through something like 100 Exploration matches before I got my first Arcane drop. If the tripled drop rate is still that poor, then that’s awfully demoralizing.

I don’t recall ever seeing a post saying difficulty modifies drop rates

No, it does not affect drop quality or rate.

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So it sounds like increased Soul cap (and I guess technically Gold cap too but realistically, who cares) is the only reason to do Explorations at anything above normal difficulty, then. I mean, other than plain ol’ “for the challenge of it”, obviously.

There’s increased XP, too. In my experience, if you are optimizing for efficiency, I wouldn’t go over Warlord I.

Yeah, I run higher difficulties because its 10 extra souls per difficulty above normal per game for a Valk team. It may not sound like a whole lot, but it adds up in the long run. There are plenty of challenges that are just as fast on Warlord II as there are normal because they all have low HP; however, for Explore mode I use Hard or Warlord I depending on the kingdom, since otherwise random Legendaries can increase the amount of casts I need to clear. It’s not worth the time to continually change the difficulty after you scout the Explore, so just try to find something you are comfortable on to maximize both clear speed and soul gain and stick with it. If not, just run normal (unless you really want xp I guess).

My experience from the drops rates so far is 11 arcanes in 198 battles. I seem to be a bit ahead of the curve at this point, and none of my streaks were too overly long. The longest drought I had between arcanes at this time was 49 battles, and the biggest streak was getting 4 arcanes within 20 battles (or 2 within 3 battles). The others were all pretty evenly spread out. I also got 3 or 4 celestials during this time, but didnt document them. For farming challenges, I’ve gone about 400 battles between arcanes before, so I’d imagine droughts of 100+ can still happen in Explore, but it should even out over time.

On Normal every Explore I’ve done has yielded a stone, unlike challenge which has an 80% drop rate on Normal.

Are you certain? According to @Sirrian, the drop rate should be 100% now. See the above link.

I didn’t know that had changed, been a while since I did my testing of drop rates.

Explore is definitely worth it. I am 4 stones away from a fully-traited Celestasia in just 4 days of playing.

EDIT: And I should note that I also fully-traited Coronet and played quite a bit of PvP over that time as well. The trait stones are dropping like crazy for me.

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In the same spirit as @Tacet:

Marilith + 3 Spirit Fox

Enjoy :slight_smile:


thanks to your team i ended up making my own team

Mortanis scythe
mist stalker
giant spider
mist stalker

i have only done 3 or 4 explores with this team but everytime i have casted mortanis scythe i end up taking out the first 3 troops

A new nice troop this week: ASTRAL SPIRIT

4 x Astral spirit with empowered… nice explore team lol


Pretty standard team:

Tyri*** (not for maps, just for the gem-removing ability)
Crimson Bat***

It’s been a little while. What are folks running these days?
I’m currently running:

The Dragon Soul

Pretty quick, fill up The Dragon Soul and two casts usually does it.

Hero/Sorcerer/Creeping Death
Giant Spider

Dragon banner, 2xRed/Yellow/-1xBrown

2x Necromancy means one cast of Valk maxes souls. Valk fills Spider/Death, Spider fills Hero/Death, one cast of Hero and Death wipes board on Warlord I.

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+2 red,1 yellow -1 brown banner

Usually wins on second turn

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