What is your explore team?

Post your line up, a pic or a vid of your team

That team what did it just do?!

I like a variation of Rowanne team.

Mercy (if traited)

I also like
Golden Cog (hero weapon)
Mercy (if traited)

They are both fast. The first one uses two Rowanne skills while the other requires cog to buff up Rowanne (the crunch of that powerful skill is so satisfying) but Valkyrie and cog don’t compete for mana in the first. So I’m not sure which I like more.

And, heck, I would probably still use Mercy over anyone else.

I also like my tried and tested Mab team, but that’s still broken (Mab’s third trait) for iPhone and I’m a little annoyed with trying to line up the 13 gems required for the extra turn to make the team fast.

I like
Soothsayer or Gorgotha
Queen Mab
Queen Mab

Queen Mab
Queen Mab

I like to order it like that so mercy charges up Valkyrie and then is expendable, but I suppose valk could go top and mercy bottom and that would probably be faster.

Anyways those are the teams I use :slight_smile:

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Why not

+2 Yellow
Golden Cog
Green Seer

Seer fills Rowanne and Mercy without being totally blocked by Cog. Plus you might get incredibly lucky and fire off Cog twice if things loop just right.

I just use Valk/Valk/Mab/Mercy or Valk/Valk/Rowanne/Mercy for both Challenges and Explore. I was running repeat challenges on Warlord II, but since Explore frequently sticks random legendaries in there that require more than two casts of the damage dealer to kill, I run Explores on Hard to ensure most of the time everything still dies in two casts to maximize my return on time investment.

Inspired by this thread, I very slightly mixed up my farm team.

Rowanne (No traits = less waits)
Queen Mab***

Mercy fills Valk, Valk casts, chance of powering Mab and Rowanne with 13 blues on the board = Game Over.

I like this over double Mabs because they over lap heavily and take a bit too much to charge.
Double Rowanne’s, while less costly, cannot keep the turn and stick me with only 4 colors covered.


question: are your uses and suggestions for Rowanne in a fast team based on the amount of level 10 kingdoms for added armor. Let’s say a player has no level 10 kingdoms, still effective?

At zero level 10 kingdoms, you’d have 8 less armor than someone with just basic level 10’s and be doing 16 less damage per cast. It depends on which variant you use. Having her as your primary damage with no armor buffer probably wouldn’t make sense because you’d probably need more than 2 casts to clear the challenge/explore. She is still a good split troop while unscathed (31 damage total at epic with no kingdom bonuses, compared to mab’s untraited unleveled 28 per cast on a full team with no mana), just less so when other bonuses are considered. If you have magic kingdoms leveled but no armor, other AoE troops will do more damage overall. However, Explore presents a slightly different puzzle than Challenges in that you can’t be guaranteed full AoEs will be the fastest clear if you have lower magic since they randomly throw in legendaries with twice the stats of everything else in there. Rowanne is still really fast if used with an armor buffer like templar or alistair or alongside a standard AoE troop like mab, bat or behemoth. It is pretty crucial you can kill them before they damage her, though, or the battle becomes a slog.

The suggestions with Mercy are also usually dependent on her being traited, which shaves just a bit more crucial time off the game to make your farming more efficient. If not Mercy, a traited soothsayer will usually be faster in most these situations but only needs 2 arcanes to trait instead of 12.

so putting the hypothetical in practice: i have the magic kingdoms leveled to 10, but none others. I have a fully traited sooth, but my mercy is lacking forest arcanes still then:

valk/rowanne/armor buffer

Try Templar/Valk/AoE/Rowanne. Take sooth or an armor buffer IMO, both would be kinda slow. Having a traited templar and valk to water link means you can set the banner to double yellow for quick valk fills and keep reds on board to convert to green with templar, also potentially charging Rowanne, who will then do 60+ damage. Depending on how close that is to a team wipe for you adjust your team accordingly with something that can reasonably charge with that sequence and get that last shot in either before or after Rowanne has cast (mab, behemoth, venbarak, possibly another Rowanne would even work). Your goal is to get the match to be as much of a straight shot as possible, ignoring skulls that deal 10-20 damage in favor of huge damage spells, so you dont really need to “loop” so much here as to just dramatically outpace them with converters to fill mass damage and just kill them all.

3x Druid and Valkyrie in your case. Getting Druid’s third trait is only 3 Swamp stones instead of the however many for Mercy’s Empowered.

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Bul’Tauros - 3x Dust Devils, +2 Yellow

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I like bul’tauros herdmaster Atlanta dust devil

Tauros get four life and the herdmaster can clear the map while probviding gems. 15 dmg from empowered DD doesn’t do enough from my play and is slower.

Due to pure randomness of this Mode, I’d go Goblins or my Original Blue team as they both have success against multiple setups;

Banner of Progress (Red/Yellow)

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B-T fills fast and his AE is enough to kill 2-3 troops (on normal) in one cast, more if softened up by a Hellcat cast or a skull match

I like the BT + DD combo. Siren + BT or Siren + DD also works quite well.

Im waiting on the wing pack to trait mercy, good thinking my friend ^_^. Green seer VS Gorgotha it depends on the board , I would have to test both to see what’s faster.

Y U NO turn on mana #s?

I figured that my Explore team may as well also get my much-needed Soul farming done at the same time, so it’s Green Slime, Keeper of Souls, Valk, and Rowanne.

Tangentially speaking of Exploring, is there any indication that playing on higher difficulties increases the chance for Arcanes? I’ve been playing on either Hard or Warlord I just so I can idly steamroll through, but I also went through something like 100 Exploration matches before I got my first Arcane drop. If the tripled drop rate is still that poor, then that’s awfully demoralizing.

I don’t recall ever seeing a post saying difficulty modifies drop rates