Silent Buff Patch

I’m noticing a little bit of what I assume is a buff while playing since 2.0 hit but haven’t seen referenced by @Sirrian or @Nimhain, I’ve noticed that since 2.0 hit, when grinding challenges for traitstones, I get a traitstone every match playing just on hard difficulty whereas in the past there was what seemed like between a 10-20% chance of getting no stone at all. It would be nice if a developer can confirm this and if anyone in the community has any info to the contrary then please feel free to let me know.

The last time I did some farming, it was pre-2.0. I kept records of 30 of the matches I had on hard difficulty. 4 out of 30 didn’t drop a traitstone at all.

Any numbers post 2.0? Right now I’m 35 or so into it and at least a minor in every one.

I have not paid much attention but my recall bias says that i have gotten a trait stone every single game. Then again i am also on easy mode so it could be bad recall bias.

Sorry, I don’t have any post-2.0 numbers. I’ve been too busy with PVP. :smile_cat: I’ll probably do some later tonight though. I’ll let you know my numbers then.

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Thanks, I think stones are indeed guaranteed now.

I’ve noticed that too @Cell. It seems that every match there is a stone drop. All different rarity but one for every match. Hope that is the way it’s supposed to be now because I like it. :smile:


Hmm. Maybe just in PVP, since there is no difficulty setting allowed?

Edit: nope. You clearly said PVE. Hooray, reading comprehension!

That is likely true for the ladder, wondering whether it is effecting the casual though.

Yeah we increased the traitstone drop rate.


This is the sort of thing that should be mentioned so we can sing your praises!


Thank you so much for that, at last grinding minor stones are just a little less tedious

Does this apply to challenges also!?

Yes challenges was the reason I opened the post @Machiknight

Need so many minor fire…

That’s what I’m grinding for too

If there was a fire minor traitstone pack for glory or money…


There is currently a Green Traitstone pack in the shop, so we might get a red version at some point. And occasionally we do get the minor traitstone pack with some of each of the minors.

Smoosh them all into fire. Then I’ll bite.

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If fire gets released I’m going to buy enough packs to trait war…
Please don’t be a waste of cash