Traitstone Drop-rates

Couldn’t see a drop-rate thread for battles/farming…hoping a few people can post their stats so that we may form a sound estimate for the drop-rates.

** Be sure to include both Difficulty and Location (Arena/Challenge/PvP) **

At Warlord II difficulty, with 20 Challenge battles:

2 Nothing (10%)
11 Minor (55%)
5 Major (25%)
2 Runic (10%)
0 Arcane
0 Celestial

At Normal difficulty, with 20 PvP battles:

3 Nothing (15%)
13 Minor (65%)
3 Major (15%)
1 Runic (5%)
0 Arcane
0 Celestial

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I received an Arcane and two Celestial stones tonight with my pvp battles. I think I did 25 or 30 battles but did not keep track. I will tomorrow night though and repost. The rest were probably around the normal difficulty numbers.

Good idea. I will keep track of it in future battles.

I’ve found all difficulties to give about the same. I was running Warlord 3 to farm a non-pvp match a couple 100 times from a kingdom that I need its epic traitstone and got seemingly the same drop rates as hard on pvp. I didn’t keep track of all stones accumulated, but from those 100ish I only got 1 epic and 1 legendary traitstone.

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I think they said higher difficulties decrease the rate of not getting any traitstones. I assume the chances what traitstone you get (if you get one) are the same.

Was it fun or we can call it a mindless grind?

It was decently fun. Each match was only 1-3 minutes, so it went pretty quick. True Shot just one shots everything in most AI matches, particularly that of Khetar. Precious Karakoth traitstones can be obtained here for an attempt at +1 magic.

what team were you using?

Have it with +2 purple banner for a total of +3 purple. Every purple surge puts skeleton to full. Each Skeleton cast kills 1-2 and each Bone Dragon 3-4. Any magic linking troop can be last slot. Any true shot troop can be first slot, but Glade Warden is the tankiest of them plus has some board manipulation.

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10 battles

5 minor
0 major
0 runic
2 arcane
1 celestial

Thus forth i shall be known as Mr. Statistical outlier! :sunglasses:

But i think the drop rates are pretty random,i’ve gone an entire day before without getting more than a couple runics


18 battles on w.plains, only minors/majors.

Since then finished all the challenges (35) and played a dozen more – overall got 1 runic.

Has it been proven you can get traitstones from challenges?

yes it has and you can repeat challenges to get trait stones

Yes - you can get traitstones from Challenges. From memory, I played about 50 battles in Whitehelm to get the Arcane Summer Traitstone which my Centaur needed for his third trait (True Shot).

I usually take a double-valkyrie & celestial approach to ensure I get 100 souls per match also. First & last characters change depending on the kingdom the battle is taking place, but normally a traited serpent or traited Gryphon will be in position 1 as they help mana-up the valkyrie.

So - 20 pvp battles - 16 invades 4 defends 20 wins. Normal difficulty.

5 Minor Water
4 Minor Wind
1 Minor Magic
1 Minor Fire
1 Minor Earth
1 Minor Nature
1 Major Fire
1 Major Magic
1 Major Nature
1 Runic Magic
1 Runic Wind
1 Runic Water

I had one battle that gave no traitstone out of the 20. I think I was extremely lucky to only have one. And I ran into two different single troop teams - one Rockworm and one Pride Hunter.

No Arcane or Celestial like last night but when I got those I was up to about 40 or 45 battles. Looking at my trophy count I did more than the 25 or 30 I thought I did when I posted earlier.

Happy number crunching. :sunglasses:

Another twenty successful invades and finally . . . one celestial traitstone.

Just fyi.

yep i can confirm.

So as far as drop rates I didn’t track the other stuff and I don’t know how many battles total if anybody does off hand but I completed quest lines for pans vale, maugrin woods, khaziel, khetar, forst of thorns, zhul’kari since the 1.08 change. I received 3 celestial from doing those. Lots of major and minor runic and some arcane. I’d guess 20ish fights per kingdom but I don’t know exact numbers. Difficulty setting was hard.

I’m also curious if the drop rates is the same for challenges as it is for PvP.

We might all be farming challenges for traitstones instead of xp now!

I actually have done that a bit! Been to the Anbush challenge in Pans Vale to harvest yellow and green stones. Runics will drop at times but I only had one Y/G Arcane drop from the challenge :confused:

i can confirm that celestial trait stones drop during challenges but at a very low rate.