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Traitstones in PvP


Apparently, on Defense Wins, we have been getting random Traitstones instead of from your Home Kingdom.

Has this been fixed in the hotfix, or do we have to wait until the Update?

I thought that was by design.

Designed to be different than PC?

I’m just curious, as I have been getting my Home Kingdom’s Traitstones the whole time.

Yes there are a few things designed to be different. Tasks for 1. Entangle for another. Arena as well.

Think about it. If you don’t get your Home Kingdom’s Traitstones on defense, then the only point of having a Home Kingdom is the occasional double Tribute.

Makes having a Home Kingdom pretty superfluous

Double glory off Whitehelm doesn’t seem superfluous to me.

When you are lucky to get it once a day, it is

Well once you hit 20% it’s probably 2-4 times a day depending on how much you check.


On defence it is not your home kingdom on pc/mobile for revenge. I should know my home kingdom is whitehelm and i am constantly fighting in zhul’kari.

it aint random and it aint your home… I think on revenge wins we are getting traits based on their home…

I swear it changes. :confused:

There home kingdom was whitehelm. They were using red/blue banner.
Every drop was a red or blue stone. No yellow stones dropped. :confused:

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I don’t think we see their actual home kingdom… either way it give us stones for a particular kingdom if you fight the same guy 10 times you get the same color or 2 colors 10 times…

Yeah that’s what happened. Everytime same colour stones. I’ll check guild activity tonight after a few matches and get back to ya mate.

The design on console has always been that traitstones are random.

It’s possible that they have been non-random in some circumstances, but those would have been bugs. PC still bases stone drops on home kingdom, so that might leak into the console base sometimes. But the intent has been and will continue to be random.


defends at least arn’t giving random ones I think invades might not be either but thats a bit harder to tell…

Why not attempt to follow the PC, in order to keep the list of exceptions small? As its easy enough to create additional bugs when porting over from another platform.

Plus, It would be nice on occasion to farm a Traitstone or two without having to replay the same challenge over and over again.

Oh well, there are so few Defends this really has very little impact in the broader game.

You’ll see more defends once 2.0 comes to console. It’s very easy in fact to find Revenge and Rival matches (both of which provide additional glory and the former still counts for kingdom defense bonuses that after x number of wins you get this reward.)

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Yep. But 2.0xx on console is a ways off. *** (see below for fun speculation)

So your saying that getting fixed Traitstones for the purpose of farming from your home kingdom will be way more important in the future? And agree with me that we shouldn’t get random stones in Defends like the rest of PvP?

You agree that it should be set like the PC?

***UNLESS The big surprise is that the Devs are ninja editing in 2.0 PvP changes to the latest update :slight_smile:

Nope I like random. After all, considering Whitehelm is a popular kingdom, do I really want just yellows? If I want something specific, I’ll farm a kingdom.

And I believe it was mentioned that the 2.0 gameplay changes are definitely not being added. Just the updated troop stats and effects as far as anything 2.0 related getting into the next update.


Yeah, yeah I’m well are of this.

So what are the surprises they wrote about that “people are not aware of” and will be surprised when they see it?..