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Traitstones in PvP

I suspect they’re going to throw some sort of wrench into the troop release schedule, but exactly what it is remains to be seen.

were just gonna get 2 a week like we accidentally got with ifrit randomly showin…

Boom purple imp, wrench in the plan that no one expects.

And this random applies to all aspects of PvP?

If so, there’s no harm in that. I like that system better

If game development were a democracy - I would vote for keeping as close to the PC environment as possible and therefore create less additional bugs.

PS: in general you guys have been great addressing bugs.

Yes, all PvP (and arena) traitstones are random. It made no sense to put importance on the home kingdoms in that respect.

Having two ecosystems (PC and console) allows us to make two sets of changes in parallel for the purposes of testing. Games like GoW are always tweaking things to make improvements - some work and some don’t. We’re trying to be efficient and run multiple tweaks in parallel. PC takes our success and we take theirs.


thats very cool. hope that means we get individual tasks soon!