Silent Buff Patch

To fully trait War given 0 traitstones to start, you’d need 3 packs at $35 each (I think).

I believe it’s 4 actually cause th packs have 6 and you need 9+12 (both will be covered by the same red pack)

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See, that’s why I should never do math when I’m tipsy.

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Lol, nite I gotta wake up in 5 hours and find some time in the day to grind to rank 1 and donate to my loving guild

So, post-2.0 challenge numbers:

Place: Drifting Sands
Difficulty: Hard
Matches: 30

9 Min Earth
4 Maj Earth
0 Runic Earth
8 Min Wind
5 Maj Wind
1 Runic Wind
1 Arcane Mountain
2 ???

Two of the stones dropped while I leveled up. So, I saw on the victory screen that a stone dropped. However, it didn’t show the stone. Either way, a stone dropped in each challenge match.

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Thanks for working out a few numbers @Ashasekayi
I too have noticed that I get a stone but they don’t show it when leveling up as well

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I thought angles were not allowed to drink since the you know incident.

Angles aren’t allowed to drink because they are two rays going the same direction emanating from a shared point.


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Well sorry for my poor english i ment angels.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hehe I’m just messing with ya :wink:

I know, this is a safe place after all. safe from the hounds of old and safe from the drums of war. A place where we can sit drink and make merry. I love these forums and sirrian and crew are serving the drinks.

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