Better traitstone drop rates for higher difficulties

On higher dificulty. I’m sure this has been brought up before so please just let me know. But yeah…has this been suggested?

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I’m not really sure to understand what you mean. Could you explain more please ?

Ok. I go to explore. To farm Tstones. It would be nice if the higher the difficulty you play on. The better the Tstones. So if I play on warlord 3 or 4 I get an arcane instead of the smaller ones. Those would be obtainable on the lower difficulty. Tracking?

I think @EmsDad15 if referring to the “quality” of Arcane Stone drop rates based on difficulty setting in Explore, Quest, Challenges, and Arena?

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That is exactly what I’m saying.

This would be nice, but doing so would raise the amount of materials (gold/stones) into the game, which the devs don’t want.

I think the best we could hope for, is a system (kinda like revenge battles in pvp), where it keeps track of how many explores you have done, and then give little extra rewards every few battles, with a guaranteed arcane at the end, after which it resets.

The impact of that on the game would be pretty low…


Yeah you right about them not wanting that. I think now that you mention it I remember them saying as much. I guess it’s back to the grind then huh?

I’m doing the 4 red team this week, so it’s a little different… that’s on PC though, I thought you played on console, correct?

Yes, I think the OP is on console. And I think he is trying to take full advantage of the +50% Bombot buff this week.

Am i the OP? If so…Yep I’m on console. PS4. I think we are a week or two behind PC/Mobile. This week it’s. …Help Sparkgrinder grind up brown mana troops. So I tried to be thoughtful and give people 4 of em to smash. Sorry for the possibly stupid question but I’m new to this. Thanks

That’s You! :smiley: , on game forums OP has two primary meanings based on context “Original Poster” or “Over Powered”.

If for some reason your not using Bombots this week, Start Immediately! They have +25% from Adana and +25% from Mech. There are lots of variations to use, for fast play the only thing that is better is if your opponent is using the Princess Esp 1 Troop Defense (now patched on PC).


Ok! Awesome! Thank you for clarifying that for me. I knew it was something that referred to the person who posted. But I couldn’t figure out what the acronym actually stood for.

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I miss Bombot week I didn’t play for 2 days and 1 day I was just in explore but I still got 1000 trophies.

Suggested numerous times, but there used to be no explore mode with an intrinsic bonus. But there should be a bonus.

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So I am having a complete brain fart here, but in the past wasn’t there an increased rate of stone quality drop based on difficulty level? :thinking:

And then didn’t the devs end up removing it from the game? :astonished:

Somebody who’s brain is working come and clarify this, please! :disappointed_relieved:

That’s if you complete the challenges, not exploring.

  1. They Added Explore based on complaints players had when farming Traitstones that the drop rate was too low (Explore was created offering 2x and 3x drop rate for top level stones)
  2. What they removed was difficultly level to PvP.
  3. Chance to get zip stones and there were modifiers that were removed (I think)
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I honestly do not believe that 2x 3x stuff at this point. I just finished exploring tirelessly for at least 40 battles in a row. And I obtained 6 of the 8 Arcane Swamp Traitstones that I need to get KRYS to the next trait. If it was giving 2x or 3x…can’t remember…shouldn’t I have gotten more? I am terrible at math. Does this add up?

The approximate rate for Arcanes in explore is around 6%, or 1 in 16. The ‘normal’ rate in other modes (PVP, challenge, quest, arena) is around 2%, so the 3x likelihood is quite substantial. If you got 6 arcanes in 40, you had quite a lucky streak, but these things tend to even out over time. I’ve gone for stretches of 60 or 80 explores with 0 arcanes a number of times, and once got 3 Arcanes in 4 battles.


I see your confusion… its 2x or 3x the drop rate not double or triple the stones.

Base Quest/Challenges/PvP etc. Rough Numbers: Minor 60%, Major 30%, Runic 9%, Arcane 2%, Celestial 1%. Before you start an Explore you’ll see at the bottom Runic, Arcane, and Celestial have an increased percentage to drop not double (or triple) stones. So sayaround: 18%, 6%, 3%