Better traitstone drop rates for higher difficulties

Thanks for explaining that. So I actually did really well at obtaining the ones that I did. At some point I got 2 in a row. When that happened I definitely knew it was luck.

@Strat Yeah at first I thought that. But I figured it out when it only gave me one and I made sure I read the information about the chances are increased or something like that. I hadn’t been farming traitstones…I didn’t realize how valuable they were. I was just cruising along with my “superior” team. I tell you. I thought I was big stuff when I reached level 10 or so and I pulled a Ranger out of the guild chest. The excitement of a one shot kill to all four troops! Now I am level 240 or so…and I am realizing that even though I have gotten a lot of stones from playing PvP etc…it’s not enough. I’m glad I have another goal in the game now. I took a look at your link. So a 1.90-1.95 percent chance of pulling Arcane. It’s gonna be a long night…


Sort of… For all activities in the game except ‘Explore’ that has 3x chance for an Arcane Traitstones to drop. So while battling in Explore its 1.95 x 3 lets just call it 6% :smiley:

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Hey @EmsDad15, I have been there and done more than my share of farming. I have seen you around the forums and appreciate your contributions. In the spirit of sharing you might find this a decent resource for creating some fun new teams to play with while farming those stones all night!
Happy Hunting!

GoW Team Build Compendium

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:grinning: Thanks! I will check this out. I really like playing with different troops. I like playing Arena. If I build a team that doesn’t play well together I retire and try again. It’s fun. I’m in the guild Prophets. We are around 350 in the league. PS4 We started out this week 161 in guild wars. But what’s strange is that’s where we started last week.

And another 100 matches without a single arcane dropped :frowning:

@sirrian @Saltypatra Could we please get some love on the pitty timers, that give you an arcane after doing xx matches without a drop?

I’m slowly losing the will to play due to the diminishing rewards, the higher you get.
Levelling up is slow now, post 1050, but not to bad (just way slower), pvp gold rewards are lower, and if I want to work on traiting cards, which I still like to do, I have to sit through hours of playing without a single drop.

That does take the fun away… I’m sorry to say…

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Btw, what I was trying to say about the levelling is, that I don’t mind that it takes 35 to 40 matches on warlord 2 to make a level. At least I get rewarded at the end for my effort, even if it’s just a raised level number.

I wish you would apply the same the traitstone farming, with the before mentioned pitty timers.

It’s not just a raised level number though, it’s 100 glory and an event key. I’m over level 1100 and I can usually get 3.5k from the 3 trophy battles. Vip 6 and dragon armour.

@Mad_Butch Just an FYI and follow up. I have been back to Explore after the 3.05 update. And the Arcane drop rate on the X1 is seems in the ballpark to me. Although I haven’t needed to try Khetar where I encountered my abysmal ‘luck’ prior to the update.