PvP Traitstones (CONSOLE/PC flip flop)

Ok, so just recently on PC the developers changed PvP to drop random Traitstones just like console has been doing for 18 months. Good new right?

WELL, it appears they secretly removed the random PvP Traitstones drops from console and imported the “Use Home Kingdom”. AKA Raining Yellow

Flip Flop!!! not for the better.

Thanks to @Dan_ozzzy189 for making me think it was time to breakout the pen and paper and record my drops. 12/12 on my drops matching home Kingdom.


This sounds like it needs input from a console dev. I don’t ping devs lightly, but @GoldPhoenix0 or @Alpheon?

PS: “I don’t ping devs lightly” is a phrase I could not have imagined myself uttering a year ago…


High-pressure pings… Do they sting? :wink:


Never seemed random on console to me, always had a huge surplus of yellow!


I’ve always had more yellow than I need, but part of that is that there are fewer troops that actually use minor yellows, so we don’t tend to use as many.


I speak of arcanes good sir


If you’re talking Arcanes, it’s harder to know what the problem is, since we use so few and have the chance to buy them in glory packs occasionally. I’ve gotten a good variety of arcanes through PVP, so it’s not like I’ve only been getting Arcane Summers this whole time.

so i restarted test after update and it look like you are right i did 10 pvp fights and 10/10 opponent kingdom stones as rewards

good thing i got more then enough stones to not worry about it and for now, from my rival list only 2 were using whitehelm as home kingdom and i had a good variety but i imagine if a new player is only matched against whitehelm opponent there could be a problem for them to collect specific color in pvp

  1. Yep. Of course.
  2. HOWEVER, What I find interesting is how, based on your experience it appears that the Gems server does not verify the client to see if your running the latest version, and let you play on the servers with an outdated version. Very odd. Wonder if that could cause the Guild corruption or other weirdness in the seen in the past…

Yeah its weird cause other game will send you a notification saying you need to install the update before been able to play.

I will try again when version 3.0 will go out

I know on ps4 I can’t play gems if an update is available and I choose not to download it. I get a prompt saying I must update to latest version of this game.

Not sure if it was update or just a patch anyway i will pay more attention next time
Like i said, my console suppose to automatically download any patch or update but this time i had to do it manually

Lol, honestly I don’t understand anything the devs are doing lately regarding the console version.

I’ve actually found something out, wow I feel slightly more important now! Do I win a prize? I’ll have a famine please!
@Saltypatra I can confirm this is indeed a thing now because I had 5 ‘yellow’ pvp wins in a row today and was pointed to this thread. Indeed kingdoms now give matched stones as pvp rewards. We’re not happy! Why no Dev response?

Easter Weekend.

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Isn’t Australia in the future? It’s already Tuesday there, isn’t it?


Yep! I only posted this 5 days ago. They probably only had had time last week to test this verify its broken, go SH## and call it for the weekend.

I suspect this went live with the last client update so it went undetected for a while. We can guess it will be fixed either in the next client update (IF there is time and/or it hasn’t been submitted yet, or the update one after the next). Until then we will have to live with it like they did on PC for 2 years…

EDIT adding @Dan_ozzzy189 As this is really to him.

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Hey everyone, so this is the first time I’m seeing this thread actually. We’re pushing out a fix for this now.


They said they won’t do like pc and leave it random but maybe they changed their mind and did it.

Edit: oops sniped by the amazing alpheon

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Fix should be live on both consoles now.