The Whitehelm Problem

I’ve been doing a lot more 3 star battles lately. I noticed like every single one of them is Whitehelm and keep getting yellow arcanes. Therefore any arcane I have more then anything is Yellow

My suggestion is,

If I fight Whitehelm or any kingdom make the arcane drop completely random. Just like if you do a treasure hunt, you have no clue what your gonna get. If I really wanted to get a certain arcane, I would go explore. This will help save explore time. Keep the same drop rate in PVP but make the arcane drop random.

This should help keep the colors more even. Beside would be more interesting when you do a PVP match don’t know what your gonna get

This is my personal opinion but I figured I would share it

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The latest dev comment on this issue is this:

Granted that was back in January, but with Guild Wars taking up a lot of the devs time, I doubt much has been discussed about it since then.


I feel your pain:


Count this as my obligatory “full random is better than the current system but still pretty bad” and “revenge battles being in home kingdom was perfect, lets just use that” comment but with less words.


Dropping in just to say please don’t copy this PC/Mobile all yellow all day festival to console…

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Agree. Great suggestion.


Can i take a major amount of those off you? I really need to trait a lot of my troops and I can use all that