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No more traitstones after battles? Thread Closed

I am sorry I can’t quote this, but I remember somebody mentioning that the devs said awarding stones after battles was too OP.

Is this real or am I freaking out for no reason?

I already need soooo many stones and farming challenges and pvp battles is the only means right now beside TH to acquire them.

Somebody clarify this for me and help calm me down… :cold_sweat:

Ummm I vaguely remember the quote, though don’t remember where from. However I doubt this very much will actually happen. Currently battle is the only real reliable way to get traitstones. Leaving it purely to a random chance in Maps would be horrendous with the traitstone farm as it currently is. Yes there might be some for PVP Ranked, but as other’s have mentioned else where, these will likely only be picked up bit the highest of high level players.

TL;DR I doubt it will happen without some other LARGE change as well. Not for 2.0 for sure.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I remember someone saying that the devs said that, I don’t remember that the devs themselves saying that.

I don’t ever remember a dev saying they are getting rid of stones dropping after battles. O.o Why would they do that with everyone complaining daily about not having enough stones especially arcanes.

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This is basically what I was trying to say in a much more concise format.

I believe it was a joke.


I think that I saw in Sirrians preview part 2 that he gained a stone or two after one of the battles. Not 100% sure tho.

Plus this from the video:

So, no need to worry. Stones are still there. :wink:


I think we should take @Lyya’s Mercy cards away as punishment for spreading untrue rumours :stuck_out_tongue:

hides from Lyya’s wrath

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What you mean to say is… No Mercy.


Thanks to everyone for making my weekend happy again! :blush:

As a side note… Not a very funny joke… :rage:



On a (semi) unrelated note… I REALLY like the new victory screens ^^


Yes, it was a (stupid) joke. Sorry if anyone lost sleep over it! :frowning:

An avatar of my vengeance will burn this place to the ground. There will be no survivors. You have been warned.


So this is what you are like without your mercy to back you.