Traitstones from spoils

Do you like fighting team with traits? How about one wit all traits? Not so much?

Well, it could be otherwise. We could have a chance to get traitstone drop based on the costs used to its upgrades.

Obviously it should work only in PvP not farmable challenges. If too much handout is a concern I’d be happy with a single choice from the drops (including the one that now is rolled for the battle).

No offense, but I have no idea what your trying to suggest. Spell it out a little better?

Are saying that if you defeat, say a fully traited Celestia, you’d get to pick from Celestial ts, Arcane Blade ts, Runic Water, Runic Wind, etc., because they were used to fully trait her?

I do find getting the traitstones too slow and frustratingly random. This would help with it, but it shuts out more casual players more than they are now. I think it would drive an even bigger wedge that already hurts new players entering PvP.

I’d be Ok with it, but it seems like there should be a more fun way to obtain traistones.

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Because of this I have just completely ignored that part of the game. The only things traits mean to me is if my opponents has them. I don’t really bother applying them to my troops because of the heavy cost and burden with farming. I dont want to “waste” and TS for any future troop that might come out that I actually want to trait up.

Kinda sad really.


How about more quests like Evolved Gorgotha? The reward being an event Hero weapon, and a grab bag of higher traitstones.

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At vistory a pool of traitstones is created from the cost to buy them for the defeated team. I.e. a Celestasia would add 2 celestial, 16 B/Y arcane, etc. Then the game rolls with some chance on each stone in the pool to see if you won it. Try with .5% or .1%, a good number can be figured out easily by simulation. Then you either get all the stones or can pick a single (or a limit) you like.

Why it is good?

  1. feels completely thematic
  2. allows actually getting arcanes from actual pvp play… and mostly those used for troops.
  3. when you face an evolved team you have more motivation to play than to quit
  4. getting useful stuff is fun unlike the current BAH moment looking at the 300th minor/major you got

As I see it, the current situation made all but a handful of fanatics to just ignore the traits that puts the feature on the dead shelf. If the resources drop from activity that people do “anyway” it is a great improvement. I refuse to believe developers actually wanted to encourage behavior like playing the same challenge 100 times for a single arcane.

ok now I understand. I don’t know if it’s the best way, but I wholly support a better way of getting TS. I’m one of those players that had pretty much just ignored traits exist due to the difficulty in obtaining stones.

I’m completely with you bro, my main team is mostly consisted of semi traited troops. I have no wish to mindlessly repeat challenges to farm for TS, if I get some, I upgrade, but no farming for them. My only use for traits ATM is to get experience points for kingdoms and that’s all.

I have to agree with you all, I only trait the cards that I’m currently using and only the skills worth traiting, I guess this can change if I get excessive trait stones and can afford to waste them.

My only concern would be that it would kinda force players to play the cards they defeat… And thus not being open minded when creating new decks… But I guess there is enough diversity to make this work :slight_smile:

Would make it WAY too easy to get everything upgraded if you can get multiple stones, let alone multiple arcane stones from a battle. Would never happen.

The only change I could imagine would be ability to upgrade major stones to runics to arcanes. Being able to play arena from any kingdom would also help.

You get traitstones from every battle. So ignoring them would mean you don’t bother to unlock traits even when you have the stones. Other then setting home kingdom to a color i want I don’t go for a single color of arcane. Not worth giving up glory/gold to do just challanges to get a specific color since glory yields arcane stones also. Gold is also important to get minors, minors is my major holdup.

No one said you should drop all the traitstones that traited the troop, you just have higher chance based on what was used to trait the troops.