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I think explore is a rip off

Dude… almost 4 hours of Divinion… 4 smegging hours and 1 arcane.

so much better than challenges!

Did anyone notice the buff to explore? I just want you to know it was a passive buff and not an active buff.

I’m not sure what that means. Can you explain a bit?

Hi, newb question:

Are the drop rates different at different difficulties? I’m going on Warlord III to get more souls, but it makes fights take longer (and also sometimes I die). If I’m farming for stones, I might drop the difficulty down, but I thought the drop rate was better on higher levels.

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If you are dying, then you have it waaaaaay to hard. Set it so you finish a fight in under 2 minutes, ideally. Anything more than that you are decreasing your efficiency.

As an example, if it takes you 2x longer to finish a fight but you get 10% extra souls, what’s the advantage to getting 2 easier fights done where you’ll end up with +180% the souls in the same time?

Yeah, I have it set to Warlord III, which is the highest I can set it right now. I’m not done with all the challenges yet, and I really like getting the double-soul reward for completing them at higher difficulties.

I REALLY wish you could redo challenges and get the soul reward each time. Not looking forward to figuring out how to get souls quickly-ish once I’m done with them.


Valkyrie + Explore

A passive buff is when the devs buff something else, and it leads to also buffing something unintentionally. An active buff is when the devs directly buff something.
An example of a passive buff is increasing the stats of your team through guild guardians. They make the guild guardians (active buff) then the guild guardians’ effects effectively buff the rest of the troops (passive buff). It is hard to find all the passive buffs and i doubt the devs keep track of all the passive/active buffs they do to the game but some effect minigames.

I agree totally. Last week I played many hours on explore and did not get one arcane! At least I got some souls out of it!

You have some seriously bad luck there but you should stick with it.

I’ve had stretches of over 200 matches without a single arcane. And then I’ve had stretches were I get 4 or 5 in 15 minutes.

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i seriously wanted the arcanes and what did i get in 3 matches? 2 celestials and 1 runic.

Last night about 29 explores. Definitely two, but I think three celestials. And at least one arcane. Still happy with that.

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I quite enjoy explore. It’s great for seals and souls. Everything else is just a bonus.


That sounds great. I need celestials and arcanes

I started yesterday needing 12 arcanes to finish a new team I’m working on. I fully expected to be doing Explores on and off for at least a few days, if not longer, so I let my guild master know my contributions were going to be down a little this week.

Wouldn’t you know it that I got ALL TWELVE in 5 hours yesterday.

Explore is ABSOLUTELY worth every minute.


On the other hand I needed two arcanes and it took me 2-2.5 hours. I did get several much needed red runics though. And a Celestial(I suppose some day I will need them).

Yeah, about a month ago, I had a stretch of like 5 days without an arcane. It was over 200 matches. You just have to stick it out.