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Where to farm Arcane Dark

Side note, @Lyya: Drilling down via the “Troops” link by each arcane stone on the kingdom table provides a list of troops of that stone’s color, not a list of troops that use that stone. Mythics are excluded (as are hero classes, which arguably aren’t troops).

It makes sense since for example Death is not a blue/purple troops, but it does mean that to see what uses a given stone I have to go to 🔥 Troop List per Arcane Stone 🔥 instead of the preferred ashtender.

Yeah, Mythics are broken in that link. I don’t have a good fix at the moment because there’s no table column that explicitly lists the arcanes a given troop takes, so I’m just doing a lexical link to the colors. Eventually I’ll fix it probably, maybe. Yeah. :slight_smile:

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Hey, just wanna express my appreciation and tell you how much your site has helped me. So nicely done and beautifully organized. What a convenience it has been - BIG THANKS :smiley:


Great, The Lyya. now I’m going to get an even bigger head. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the kudos though! Glad the site can be of service.


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I motion that Lyya be henceforth known as THE Lyya.

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If you get bored of farming in Ghulvania, Blighted Lands also drops Arcane Dark.

Thanks actreal, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Just for interest, here’s my results so far going on Warlord I difficulty in Ghulvania:

Runic Magic (RM)
Minor Magic (MM)
Arcane Dark (-AD-)
Runic Fire (RF)
Minor Fire (MF)

So in summary, 15 fights, 2 Arcane Darks, 7 Minor Magic, 3 Runic Magic, 2 Minor Fire, 1 Runic Fire

Too small of a sample size, yes, but initial results are promising. I certainly didn’t expect to get 2 AD in 15 fights! Hopefully this trend continues.

I want to say it took me a week to get 6 Arcane Darks. 2 in short order is quite lucky!

In general, if I grind Explorations for a couple of hours at a pop, I feel like I’m seeing 1-2 drop per day.

Damn… I did -not- want to hear that lol. Ah well.

I’m seeing arcane about 1 in 15-16 battles overall. I did probably 100 Explores yesterday and got 7 arcanes plus 2 celestials.

Interesting… Does difficulty settings change anything? Not sure if I just had crayzee luck or???

I did about 50 in Ghulvania and got 7 Arcane Dark at Warlock I

Nope. Difficulty doesn’t change anything.

I had a run last week of almost 200 matches without an arcane or celestial. Last night bouncing between Mist of Scales, Broken Spire, and Maugrim Woods, I got 4 in 7 matches.

Really … What the? So are you saying if I power-crush at Normal difficulty I have the same drop rate for rares as at Warlord 1…



Great link, thank you!!!

Yes. I usually do everything on Normal now since I’m not hurting for resources. I can fly through matches using teams like:

Templar / Valk / Mercy / Rowanne
Naga Queen / Valk / Mercy / Bul Tauros

A couple of 4 or 5-matches and then fire off the AOE.

Astral Spirit
Astral Spirit
Astral Spirit
Astral Spirit

Necro, but this is finally fixed. Clicking the “(Troops)” link in the kingdom table will now bring you to the troops table, filtered by all troops that actually use that stone (and not just those colors; this was broken for Mythics). Additionally, the link will work for other languages now as well.

I did say “eventually,” right? :slight_smile: