Where to farm Arcane Dark

I’ve looked at the Traitstone guide (Guide to Traits - 1.0.8), but the Arcane Dark seems to be missing.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


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Thanks! Do you think farming there is going to yield efficient results, or is just playing and letting them drop when they drop the better approach? I need 8 of those suckers…

8 is an awful lot but if you spent a few hours, you might get them. It’s probably best to farm a few, do something else for a while, and then come back to it.

Alright that’s what I’ll do. I don’t think I have the attention span for hours of straight farming lol

The good news is that if you do 20-25 explore matches a day, you’ll probably get them in a week or so. Take that into account. It won’t take FOREVER like before.

For future traitstone farming needs:


Side note, @Lyya: Drilling down via the “Troops” link by each arcane stone on the kingdom table provides a list of troops of that stone’s color, not a list of troops that use that stone. Mythics are excluded (as are hero classes, which arguably aren’t troops).

It makes sense since for example Death is not a blue/purple troops, but it does mean that to see what uses a given stone I have to go to 🔥 Troop List per Arcane Stone (Ended: 16.07.18, Reason: Lack of interests) - #73 by Tellah instead of the preferred ashtender.

Yeah, Mythics are broken in that link. I don’t have a good fix at the moment because there’s no table column that explicitly lists the arcanes a given troop takes, so I’m just doing a lexical link to the colors. Eventually I’ll fix it probably, maybe. Yeah. :slight_smile:

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Hey, just wanna express my appreciation and tell you how much your site has helped me. So nicely done and beautifully organized. What a convenience it has been - BIG THANKS :smiley:


Great, The Lyya. now I’m going to get an even bigger head. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the kudos though! Glad the site can be of service.


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I motion that Lyya be henceforth known as THE Lyya.

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If you get bored of farming in Ghulvania, Blighted Lands also drops Arcane Dark.

Thanks actreal, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Just for interest, here’s my results so far going on Warlord I difficulty in Ghulvania:

Runic Magic (RM)
Minor Magic (MM)
Arcane Dark (-AD-)
Runic Fire (RF)
Minor Fire (MF)

So in summary, 15 fights, 2 Arcane Darks, 7 Minor Magic, 3 Runic Magic, 2 Minor Fire, 1 Runic Fire

Too small of a sample size, yes, but initial results are promising. I certainly didn’t expect to get 2 AD in 15 fights! Hopefully this trend continues.

I want to say it took me a week to get 6 Arcane Darks. 2 in short order is quite lucky!

In general, if I grind Explorations for a couple of hours at a pop, I feel like I’m seeing 1-2 drop per day.

Damn… I did -not- want to hear that lol. Ah well.

I’m seeing arcane about 1 in 15-16 battles overall. I did probably 100 Explores yesterday and got 7 arcanes plus 2 celestials.

Interesting… Does difficulty settings change anything? Not sure if I just had crayzee luck or???

I did about 50 in Ghulvania and got 7 Arcane Dark at Warlock I