Our Guild placed in wrong bracket PS4


Is t too hard to go to a “ whoever scores the most points wins”? Maybe I’m missing something


There should definitely be movement restriction for guilds above a certain bracket. I don’t know what universe the devs live in that they believe a bracket 3 or 4 guild should have the ability to jump up to bracket 1. That’s like saying the team that won the Little League World Series should jump up into the majors because they dominated all the other teams. It’s the same game in little league and in Major League Baseball, but we can all agree the level of competition is drastically different.

I understand Gems of Thrones point of view, but they are an outlier in this case. I am glad they can move up to the appropriate bracket quicker but they new the rules before deciding to leave Lost Winds and create their new guild.

This is what frustrates me and many other veteran players. The rules constantly change and typically with little to no explanation. As guild leaders we need consistency and information to effectively manage our guilds in the best way possible. As it stands now we are blindly throwing darts at a dart board hoping to get a bullseye.


We knew about GW changing to be three-weekly? What we really knew was that it would take a while to grind up to the top once again, but no one knew that it would take over a year.


But don’t penalize us at the same time. Our hard work matters also.


You knew it would take at least a year to grind back up the ranks. It would take “a while”.

Thank you for reinforcing my other point. The rules keep changing on us and it’s not just minor things. They are making significant changes that have a huge impact on the player base without any notice given or much information after the changes are made. We are just told that the devs believe it’s for the best.


Yes it is. It’s ‘easy’ to sweep aside your competition in bracket 5 for example, nowhere near as easy in,say bracket 3.
There is such a huge jump it catches people out - the jump from bracket 2 to bracket 1 is even higher. Scoring 1.6m in bracket 5 is absolutely NOT the equivalent of scoring 1.6m in bracket 1.
I think this is the point that is being made here - someone in bracket 3 moving to bracket 2 has a better chance of competing & staying there than someone who dominated a totally different bracket with (no offence intended here) lesser guilds.


Seriously we had no knowledge on how the bracket system works, we were just hoping for the best at first. Then after maybe 5 weeks we understood that it will take a long time. It doesn’t really make the system better if we knew or not. The system has nonetheless been stupid all the time. And we are not the only guild suffering from this. For example TAG, the one who denied GTA from rising, has been in the same situation. And there have been other guilds in several topics telling the same story.

And once again, I think this has been unfair for GTA, I’m sorry for you and this is not the way this should work. I hope the dev’s can do the adjustments. This is nonetheless a hard system to optimize.


Just play out this week as normal. Award all players, in all brackets 1st place prize, bracket 1. and then sort out all of scores for the next guild wars. :laughing::rofl::rofl::joy:

I’ll keep dreaming…


I second this motion :grin:


So a team jumped a few brackets and took our supposed spot in bracket 2…my understanding the lower 2 teams in bracket 2 drop to 3? So if TAG took GTA’s spot who took the other?


GTA took TAG’ spot?

Only 1 guild (TAG) moved up more than they should have


Scrap guild wars, problem solved :+1:


“Too hard”, no, but “very difficult” yes. Think about it.

The current system gives you a theoretical maximum 10,000 points (I think, let’s just use that) for your 5 matches. That is true whether you are fighting a bracket 500 newbie or the #1 guild.

The way you get points is “playing well”. Part of that involves not taking too much damage from your opponent’s team. The lower-ranked guilds tend to have worse defense teams, and higher-ranked guilds have (presumably) harder teams. (I faced 4x Fire Bomb in Bracket 3 today???)


It is possible and likely a guild that advances from the last bracket to the 2nd-to-last bracket has the same score as a guild that beats this week’s #1. If we sorted by score, things would get really wonky really fast because there is not a major difference in score when you face strong vs. weak teams.

So in order to switch to a system like that, the scoring algorithm would have to be completely rewritten to assign some value to the rank of your opponents. The brackets as designed are supposed to stop a guild from getting lucky and rocketing forwards too many ranks at one time, or falling too far after an unlucky week. I think players value that, but “too many ranks” is hard to define.

Can a new system be designed that works? Sure. Will it make more people happy? Debatable. Will it take a long time? Definitely. The risk is high that it will be “a lot of work” and “people will complain louder than they do now”.


@Kafka So…my understanding from the games representation here, is that they have obscurely referenced the changes would take place . No one who participated in the previous guild war is aware where in the guild war section of the game that they were actually playing (That is after all the only place necessary to advise) that there was any notification stating that the results of the “competition” will not reflect your bracket progress or rewards there will be no achievement provided as a result of resource expenditure or success.

The official response suggests that the aim is for more newer guilds to be able to compete in brackets equivalent to their level whilst a specific guild who through perseverance, loyalty & a lot of long term effort have established their position will be penalised today. Well if a guild tops their bracket then, at a simple level they would deserve progression to the next bracket. There is yet to be established any other guild who were similarly affected by the change and to that end, no compensation will be provided to the games consumers affected. This thread as a consensus seems to agree the guild have been treated unreasonably & as unfairly which the games representative has confirmed. So these principles do not apply as being the reasoning for preventing this specific bracket topping guild from receiving immediate progression or rewards for their effort & resources spent to achieve that.

“This is what has happened specifically to TAG and GTA this week. TAG did exceptionally well in their bracket last Guild Wars compared to the other Guilds in their bracket so they were promoted more than 2 brackets.”

So in the entire game despite all the newer guilds being argued take an unreasonable time to rise the ranks, GTA were singled out & not promoted or rewarded as a result of their success in their bracket but those who were less successful in the bracket unaffected.

“At this stage we’re not going to give a lot of detail about how the new bracket climbing system works, much like we don’t give away the exact formulas for Guild Wars Point scoring.”

Why ? Because we could call “Shenanigans”

I’m sorry but lack of transparency is not the way to engage or respect your consumers but it explains why the lack of care or responsibility when a discrepancy is identified by those consumers affected. You are saying that if it needs to be improved, then are we to understand that by taking this action & not effectively informing or recompensing the guild & the considered comments posted here, that you have us believe that no further action is required to resolve the issue that & you are satisfied that it’s simply a case of “shafting” players. Players I know who have remained as committed in earning souls, farming traitstones so that they can continue to improve their guild war results on top of managing to participate in all the other additional time consuming game events introduced.
Outside of GW specifically you could build loyalty & provide additional incentives for Guild leaders & each rank in the guild in general e.g a Sentinel gets a certain type of reward periodically as at the moment there is no incentive or difference in being a recruit , sentinel or guild leader.

“However, we are monitoring how it affects Guilds very closely, and if it needs to be improved further we will definitely do so, as our goals as a dev team are the same as yours as players”

By this thread you have immediate feedback, so you have monitored & yet the immediate situation goes unresolved. No guild members have a goal of remaining in the same bracket when they were successfull in beating that competition or neither have goal of spending hard earned resources unnecessarily in the previous guild war. If it were to have negatively happened to players in other guilds at this time then I’m sure they would disagree with this as a goal also. An “own goal” perhaps.


FFS are devs right in the head or what, win the bracket ur in = promotion to the next SIMPLE. All established guilds have worked to long and hard to get where they are to then suddenly have another guild move up several brackets and take another guilds RIGHTFUL place there. Use ur damn heads.


Well this is one way to attract new forum members. :+1::+1:

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Gonna lose these members and the $$ support that they give if they stay on their current path.listen to your players/consumers or end up joining the long line of defunct games.


This solves nothing. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others don’t enjoy it. I don’t care for other activities but I don’t want them removed as I know others like it.

If you don’t like guild wars don’t join a guild that requires it plain and simple.


Ghaleon. Nobody it saying rmove anything ffs. Have u any clue at all what this is actually about.


Yes. @mld-81 suggested scrapping guild wars altogether.