Our Guild placed in wrong bracket PS4


I vote that the top 5 brackets should not be altered by the new system. Cause it sounds like now. If you dominate bracket 3. You can be moved to bracket 1.


I completely agree with this.

If a guild wins bracket 3 they deserve to be promoted to bracket 2 but with this new system if a guild dominates a lower bracket with easier fights then they are promoted over the bracket 3 winner that had harder fights.

I’m happy that new guilds actually have a chance to climb the brackets faster but this is completely unfair for top brackets.


I vote this whole change should be reviewed and reworked completely…

With all due respect, this is plain ridiculous…
A guild WON bracket 3, but they were NOT promoted as deserved, because another guild did exceptionally well in bracket 4 or 5 and took their spot…Come on!

Imagine a volleyball competition at Summer Olympic Games:
A and B compete in the grand finals
C and D compete for the 3rd place

After a fierce battle A comes on top 3:2
They’ are NOT awarded their gold medals, because meanwhile C beat up D 3:0 and took their spot…Yes, this is what just happened here.

I have nothing against allowing guilds to climb up faster.
But this is totally unfair and disfunctional ;(


I’ll love that analogy, Rev0. This is rediculous! We work just as hard as they do, not just GTA, but all of us just because we are higher, we busted our asses to get where we are and this is how we are rewarded. I hope they fix this because they are going to loose a lot of peeps…


Hey devs WTF i’m in GTA n this is complete rubbish, why should we be robbed out of our RIGHTFUL place in B2 just because another guild apparently (How u put it) DOMINATED their bracket (Dominated lol). This needs altering ASAP as we work as hard as other guilds to move up brackets. All guilds start at the bottom n have to work their way up n obviously that takes time, so all established guilds who have worked long n hard to get to where they are are gonna get shafted now to help other guilds move up quicker. PATHETIC.


Easily fixed. Go back to how it originally was and make guilds register for GW then you won’t have dead guilds in GW. It will make climbing a lot faster and easier for newer guilds and will stop other guilds missing out on spots they rightly deserve.


Yes, this is a great analogy. I have another one.

Our team, called Lost Winds won the Summer Olympic Games in the first week of September 2017. After that 26 players of our volleyball team got angry to our couch who was misbehaving and bad for his players. We decided to start our own volleyball team called Gems Of Thr0nes.

We started from the bottom, which is fine, we were a new team. But we knew we had the skills to compete in the Summer Olympics, even if for a while we needed to make a name for ourselves in the lower divisions.

Okay, so now a year has passed and our volleyball team is still playing against 10 year olds or 3 player teams. We win all our matches 3-0. We have been ready for the Summer Olympics the whole time. If it would have been 2-3 months of practice and making a name for our team, it would have been nice. But a year! Did we get caught on using doping!? Not that I know of. Why are we banned from top level competition? Still playing against rubbish teams all the time. Not a single real fight in a year!

What I’m saying it’s not easy to create a system that works perfectly.


Nope. They most definitely don’t need to go backwards. Contrary to popular misinformation, a guild must register to participate in GW. So, you do have tiny guilds and one-man guilds registering for the freebies but not competing. Because of this, movement was ridiculously glacial in very low brackets. This change was necessary especially since GW is only every three weeks.

The only thing the devs need to do is keep the old movement rules for the very top 5 - 10 brackets.



Maybe top 5 in console and top 10 in PC.

And I feel sorry for you guys in GTA. I really do.

As in other modes in this game as well, these kinds of updates seem to need some adjustments after implementation.


I would support removing participation trophies for guilds that register but don’t play. Maybe removing the freebies would stop guilds from registering and getting the same rewards from doing nothing as those that win the bracket.


So we in GTA got porked in gw bracket placing(i used porked because we didnt see it coming and it was against our will).as i am reading about the gw bracket system i have concluded that we should lose this gw to drop a bracket or 2? Then dominate the next gw so we can advance to bracket 2 possibly 1.Nice attempt to fix gw for competition,terrible math coding put in place


Even so it would still filter out ALOT of dead guilds


Watch your language please, kids are playing this game.



At least on Xbox, I’d be happy with ten 10 guild brackets (100 total guilds), and then a bracket 11 with everyone one else (100’s or 1000’s of guilds). Top 5 guilds in bracket 11 go to 10, bottom five of bracket 10 get tossed back to bracket 11 with the unwashed masses.


Hmm i didnt swear or say anything innapropriate? Whats the deal? Can’t handle the truth?


Agree 100%. There are serious increases in competition at B5, B2 & B1. Been in everything from B2 - B6 and our guild dominates B4-6 every time we’ve been there, do well in B3 and barely hold our own in B2.

It’s one thing to accelerate strong guilds out of the chaff brackets but let them earn their spots in the top 5-10 at a regular pace once they catch up. Once they hit 10 they only have 3 GW cycles left to win their brackets to hit top 5. That’s not unreasonable in the least bit.

I can’t imagine how bad of a taste being stuck in your bracket after winning it must leave.

And seeing the epic once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that @awryan and I actually agree on something should indicate either the end of the world is near or it’s a really bad move to apply these jumps to the top 5-10 brackets. I’m really hoping for the latter as I still have a lot of GoW to live for!


I also vote that the brackets which include me should continue to use the system that makes it very difficult for people to unseat me. It’s only fair that everyone else has to face increased competition, but I can rest comfy knowing people have to work harder to surpass my level.

Snark aside: the bracket system for GW is kind of garbage either way. The old way makes it super hard for guilds to reach competitive levels. The new way makes it possible for lesser guilds to leapfrog better guilds. Both of these problems are exacerbated by the rewards, which are great for the very top guilds and quickly fall off to “barely noticeable” as you lose rank.

I think the root cause is the rewards were set up for a much smaller GoW. I’ve played many games that have expanded their reward tiers over time to include a larger % of the competitive playerbase. “Top 3 of 100 guilds” is your top 3%. “Top 3 of 1,000 guilds” is only your top 0.3%. Leave #1 as a ridiculous prize: the people with that crown deserve it. Everything beneath it needs to be adjusted to reflect the current size of the game.

I think if the reward system spread the upper-tier rewards over a larger group of players, there’d be more room to experiment with how teams move around in the brackets. That seems like an easier job than trying to figure out a sensible bracket system.


Can you really confirm this?

When I last used this talking point, I was corrected. The story was told to me that this was how GW initially was set up, and there’s still a button to register. However, people whined and complained that they wanted to feel competitive but just couldn’t manage to log in on a Monday, so the game was changed to auto-register guilds.


I can confirm it. During last guild wars I took over a dead guild. The guild was not registered, and i could see nothing for the guild standings and such like in the non guild wars weeks. I hit the register button and they are in the guild wars this week.