Our Guild placed in wrong bracket PS4

PS4 Guild Wars. Bug.

Hello. My guild Gem Theft Auto - 3 weeks ago we were in Bracket 3 . They were 1st position all that week.
And this weeks guild wars we registered today and expecting to be in Bracket 2 . Have come on today to find they are not in Bracket 2 but have stayed in Bracket 3. This is a very disappointing error on your part and needs to be dealt with on your side if at all possible. Please advice further. We have not had this happen before.

If the error cant be dealt with efficiently . Can the rewards be given accordingly as If we were in Bracket 2 where we rightly earned our 1st position. As my members are concerned in spending their resources on sentinels if we arent going to be positioned correctly.


I notice tag is in bracket 2 but not in bracket 3 In that screen shot. Looks like that might be who replaced you in bracket 2.

Good luck.

@Cyrup or @Saltypatra can you help?


Thanks Santandrix that explains alot. Appreciate your support

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I suspect this may have something to do with the recent bracket changes. If I recall some lower bracket guilds went from bracket 35 to bracket 19.

I could be wrong, this is purely speculation.

Anyone from tag the adult gamer remember what bracket you were in last guild wars?


Can you help @Kafka @Vexx @Cyrup @Saltypatra

We won bracket 5 and were expecting to move up to bracket 3 for this round.

Based on similar events in the past, I doubt anything can be done, at least as far as changing the brackets now.

Edit: not at my console and my memory appears to be faulty…


Good to see you, Stan. Hope ure doing good!

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@Santandrix - Edit I checked my sheet we were actually in 41 to 50 last GW so not sure if we were supposed to jump to 21 to 30 or 11 to 20 where we are now? Hopefully a dev can jump in and confirm but it does appear we have been moved to far ‘ahead’ I believe and hopefully the dev’s can put TAG back to where we should be and GTA where they belong as well

@Stan I checked my sheet see above



Were we really in bracket 3 last time? The last few weeks has been a whirlwind for me…

@Stan I may be not remembering correctly but I’ll check my sheet which I track everything on.

Edit I updated the original post above to reflect my “notes” on my tracking sheet

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Thanks @Calv1n for clarifying I thought it was odd. I hope the devs can come on soon and rectify this error. If not at least give the correct rewards for bracket 2 accordingly to our position. Thank you for responding

Just checking around and another thread I follow is also showing some wonky changes (Gems of Thrones) and they have confirmation from Mobile / PC player also doing large unexpected jumps - check the thread here for info Climbing up Guild Wars brackets - Case example: Gems of Thr0nes (PS4)

If they’ve changed it to reflect “points” in your bracket or something to that effect perhaps that is why as we scored over 1.4 in the bracket last GW but you’d think the dev’s would have announced a change like this prior to just introducing it in this manner :thinking:


The photo i have uploaded was of the sunday morning early- so i couldnt tell you our excate point score but i know on sunday before reset we were still in 1st position and we had alot of points and was well ahead of everyone. But i agree i would hope if this was the case they’d inform us, so I doubt it.

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I think it is a mistake as well but if you check out the Gems of Thrones thread there is a lot of other guilds that have had some very strange GW leaderboard starts this week based on my understanding of how it “used to / supposed to be” working ?!

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Will check it out now thank you. It is quite strange. Hope the dev can rectify in time.

Bracket 2 would be correct for No. 21, Bracket 1 and 2 had allways their own rules.

9+10 go down to bracket 2
11+12 up to bracket 1
18+19 down to bracket 3
20 down to bracket 4
21+22 up to bracket 2
31 up to bracket 2

We are looking into this

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Thank you please let me know the outcome

Hi @Leah03 and everyone,

The changes to Guild Wars brackets climbing is something which we’ve mentioned a lot in the past several months since Guild Wars was moved from every week to every 3rd week.

A lot of our community felt that it was going to take an unreasonable amount of time to climb the brackets even when they absolutely smashed their bracket every Guild Wars - and we agreed! So in light of this, as of this week we’ve made it possible for Guilds who are dominating their brackets to move up more than 2 Brackets per Guild Wars.

This also means that as usual, when Guilds rise in the brackets they push other Guilds down in Guild Wars ranks to make room for themselves in the Guild Wars rankings.

This is what has happened specifically to TAG and GTA this week. TAG did exceptionally well in their bracket last Guild Wars compared to the other Guilds in their bracket so they were promoted more than 2 brackets.

GTA also earned a promotion, however, because TAG was promoted to bracket 2, there was no room in bracket 2 this time for GTA so you kept your place in bracket 3. TAG went up to bracket 2 because they didn’t only win their bracket last Guild Wars, they dominated.

At this stage we’re not going to give a lot of detail about how the new bracket climbing system works, much like we don’t give away the exact formulas for Guild Wars Point scoring.

However, we are monitoring how it affects Guilds very closely, and if it needs to be improved further we will definitely do so, as our goals as a dev team are the same as yours as players:

We want a challenging, fun Guild Wars where every Guild is in a bracket which is suited to their activity and skill level and we want Guilds to reach the bracket they truly fit in sooner than waiting 3 years to get there even though they dominate the competition by a long shot every Guild Wars.

We have 2 Guild Wars scheduled this month, the one this week, and another in 2 weeks, so everyone will be able to settle into a better bracket for their Guild more quickly than usual months. We expect there to be more movement this time than there will be in the long run as this is the first time Guilds have been able to move up more than 2 brackets at a time. However, it will settle over the next few Guild Wars and the closer to the top of the rankings you are the less movement you’ll see as it’s more competitive up the top so harder for guilds to dominate each other.