Wrong Team in Our Bracket?

Hello. I am fractalier, GL of Fractal Kingdom. We are currently playing in bracket 112 in Guild Wars. There is a guild in our bracket, Marshal Alumni, with guild rank 560 while the rest of the teams are guild rank in the 1100s. It appears their assignment to our bracket confused their guild rank with league rank. It appears a mistake as this has never happened to us before. Please review. Thanks, Jeff

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Hi Jeff / Fractalier

I recommend posting in the Bug Report category and/or creating a Support Ticket, including pictures.

This sounds like an unusual case, as you said!

Hello :slight_smile:

For your privacy, as this will be something the development team will probably be taking a look at, and we might need more information.

  • Can you please submit a Support Ticket with the same details you’ve posted here in the forum?

(Feel Free to DM me if you have trouble submitting a ticket)