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My guilds GW level is way too low

i’m In “the black sheep” guild
were about 115ish ranked but in GW were in about bracket 40… so every week since GW has been running the guild is always top, last week we got 700k 2nd place got… 70k!! yet we only ever move up 1 or 2 brackets a week, so I ask no I beg can we please be bumped up the brackets?

Well the bracket system helps to mantain Guilds competitive and that they try to stick together in the long run, if not, any new Guild with dedicated players can be ranking in few weeks, and i think the idea is that Guilds progression gets over time.
On my Guild we are suffering the same, we are scoring every week between 1M - 1,1M and we are still stuck under the 1000 rank.

I’ve been writing about bracket system in regards of a guild that is too good for it’s bracket. See the topic below



you seem to move up brackets more than we seem to, we only seem move up 2 per week, which at 2 per week could take erm almost 3 years to reach the top 20ish, by then we might be top pvp guild :wink:

Yea, I guess at around bracket 40 you can’t rise in brackets so fast as we currently do in around bracket 75.

I created an account just to give my 2 cents to this.

I’m playing on mobile but my guild is experiencing the same slow climb through the ranks. We are currently in bracket 153 and am predicting we will score 10x what the second place guild scores like always and will only move up a few brackets. I’ve noticed the brackets next to us, 152 & 154 also have 1 guild that does the same to their opponents. So in just the 3 brackets I can see there are 3 guilds that should be allowed to climb far faster than we are. Not only is not fair for us, it is not fair for the other 27 guilds that just have no chance of beating us.

Devs please don’t forget there are many active guilds that are not sitting at the top 10 or so. I’m hoping the 3.3 update will allow us to climb faster.

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The 3.3 update or shortly there after will be the opposite. I asked Sirrian about increasing the ranks gained per week once GW goes to every 3rd week and he said no plans at this time and it will not happen in the first 2 months no matter what happens. So If you like TAG get used to playing for a long, long, long time before you ever get into the top 20 ranks (we are also jumping only 20 a week despite usually beating our 2nd place by over a million points or a factor of 10 to 12x)

Just checked were bracket 43 ranks 421-430 in pvp were about 115ish so our better suited bracket could be around 12, its fine my only battles are with a team mate to see who ends up top,

If my English was any better I think I would be more loud about this issue in general. The end game in Gems of War is mainly around Guild Wars, since the gem rewards of top 3 guilds are huge in comparison to others. Especially on console, where there is about 8 reasonably competitive end game guilds. Then the Guild Wars system is built in a way that locks the guilds on upper brackets to stay quite up no matter what they do and the guilds that didn’t have many trophies when the Guild Wars system was created, or completely new guilds, to low brackets for months, maybe years in current bracket system. The whole system should be changed in a way that brackets 20+ should have a weekly combined leaderboard where the best goes up to bracket 19 where from upwards the system works as today. Guilds could still be in their 10 guild brackets in brackets 20-500+, but their position would be defined by their weekly score. That way a new guild could rise to the top in about 12 weeks, which is 3 months. Currently it takes at least a year on any platform. I think 3 months would be more reasonable. This would not really change anything dramatically on the top or the bottom, but the main source of end game resources, Guild Wars, could be gainable for top players in all of the guilds, not just the ones that are already on top.

I hope someone understood something. Thanks.


The loot tables in GW for the top 10 are so out of whack it’s insane but I’ve beaten that dead horse enough for one lifetime already. They don’t seem to want to look at the rewards and re-balance them to something that would make sense from what I’ve seen to date. In relation to the time invested and the rewards for ranked PvP it’s like two completely different games imo.

That was not my point.

I don’t care if there are super rewards at top, in my opinion the main problem is that the rewards are only accessible to guilds built before Guild Wars was introduced.

This is our opposition today at GW after almost 5 months of grinding.

A 2-player guild, consisting a leader of level 170 and a companion at level 65.

Let me repeat, this is our opponent after 5 months! That’s 20 weeks of rewards missed. All because our previous guild leader was an idiot (softly speaken).

So currently we are at Wednesday and our guild, consisting of top players, has completed about 1,3 days of 6 day guild wars. We have already secured our place at the top, since none of the guilds in our bracket will score 300k which we already have accomplished.

Since the system is like this I might as well turn my console off for the rest of the week, since it makes no difference whether we score 300k or 1,6m in the end of the week. We will rise the same 2-4 brackets and continue our at least year long grind to the main end-game rewards.


What you guys did was so brave and i take my hat off to everything you all stand for and the unity you guys showed.
What is glaringly obvious is just how completely broken the bracketing sysytem especially around promotion and demotion actually is.
There’s just far too many guilds like the one you’re talking about. The devs need to clean this up, but i fear it would be far too much work. They need to contact the gl of these tiny daft little ‘no guilds’ and if there’s no response in 4 weeks, give the members 25k gold and delete their guild, with a message about looking for a guild thats over half full and active.


In all honesty the GW system should be built around eliminating the nonsense guilds like you’re facing from it rather than accelerating guilds up the brackets.

Something as simple as requiring a minimum of 5 active players (so you can at least fight a different one at each rank) would likely eliminate a few months off the climb. GW is a “team” effort so if you can’t be bothered to recruit enough players to partake in it then you shouldn’t be able to participate. All real life team competitions typically require an actual team of minimum size. Why shouldn’t GW?


Yea. Totally agree. Another way of eliminating nonsense guilds could be dropping the ones that score 0 points in a week to the bottom bracket.

But that 5 player minimum should be in the requirements when registering to Guild Wars in the first place.


I don’t struggle with this issue. But I have been reading posts about this real problem for months. This is the best ‘solution’ I’ve seen so far, The developers could easily look at the last GW data and only schedule/match Guilds that had 5+ (or even as high as 10+) players participate. @Saltypatra you might want to bring this general idea up to the developers considering GW is moving to once ever 3 weeks “Soon TM”


I agree the bracketing system needs a rework, but you can’t just base that rework on points gained over the week.
While you guys may be scoring 1m+, in your own words you’re doing that against ‘nothing’ guilds - we have been in bracket 1 scoring 1m+ against the top guilds in the world with the best troops & defences there are, so just to say ‘you’ve scored higher so they can drop’ would create a major issue.
IMHO this is why nothing had been done yet, however I don’t understand why we can’t introduce a ‘playoff’ system in the lower brackets where there are clearly some guilds way too good to be that far down the ladder.
Disbanding guilds that have no active players is a good start, I also agree with the idea of demoting those who score 0 to the lowest bracket :+1:

Story behind our guild is that we won Guild Wars in late August or early September and a week or two after that 26 players of our guild left together to form a new guild since we had a lot of issues with our guild leader. So most of our players, now in bracket 67, are capable of competing against the ‘creme de la creme’ of PS4 guilds. For 5 months we have been ‘fighting the system’ and the fight will still continue for approx 5-9 months before we are “back where we should be”.

…and as I’ve stated in the other topic, I’m fine that there is a grinding period, it’s just insane that it takes this long.


I remember it well! I agree that the system is broken, in fairness its also broken in the sense that your ‘old’ guild still shows as a top end guild, despite those who worked so hard to get it there having to start again while the issue still remains.
This is why I was mooting the idea of playoffs - something to put those guilds who are clearly too experienced to be where they are together to allow them to rise up the rankings.
Say, those who finish rock bottom of a bracket 10-20 brackets above you (until you reach a suitable point, say bracket 10) have to play the winner of your bracket (namely you). The winner takes their place in the bracket underneath & the loser drops 2 brackets. Or something along those lines…

Ah, were you referring to my suggestion of making a combined points pool for brackets 21-xxx? I just think that if bracket 20 was formed every week from the top 6 performers in brackets 22-xxx, 2 worst from bracket 19, and 2 best in bracket 21 in the previous week and the 2 best in bracket 20 would rise to bracket 19 and upwards from there the system would be the same as currently.

Of course the limit could be something else also, maybe bracket 40 on PC (more players there) and 20 on console or what ever.

It’s just a wild suggestion.

Actually the idea of having the minimum of 5 players required to participate would probably solve the issue as well.


I think we’re on the same lines. A minimum of 5 would also help, the biggest issue I feel is that the low level guilds have no means of contacting each other with regards to maybe merging to form a full guild. This would clean up the mess at the lowest levels, God knows its hard enough recruiting at the top when you have something to offer!