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Climbing up Guild Wars brackets - Case example: Gems of Thr0nes (PS4)

Hi all. I wanted to make a thread where the GW bracket system can be discussed in regards to a “new top class guild”.

The guild I’m in, called “Gems of Thr0nes” on PS4, was formed 13th of September.2017. We started from bracket 164 at 18th of September 2017

This was our brackets final result table after the first week:

Now in 8 weeks we’ve risen up to bracket 113. That’s on average 6 brackets risen per week. Our bracket looks like this now (sunday, still missing some matches played):

At the same time on guild trophies listing we have risen to rank 25. The amount of competitive guilds on PS4 is low…

I will be posting the results for the upcoming weeks here, just to give an example on how the bracket system is working for a new guild trying to climb through the ranks.

There are of course a lot of opinions and points in my head that could be said about the system and how it could/should be updated. I will post some of my thoughts later.

The main things I want to say now are:

  1. currently we have no competition, GW is just a freeride for us. The teams we are facing are far too easy and the overall win % for our guild is somewhere over 99%.
  2. at the current rise pace we will be in “a competitive bracket” (bracket 30?) in 13 weeks, which is late february. This won’t be the case though, since rising up the ranks seems to get harder week after week, so maybe in summer we will have some competition in GW. It’s quite a long grind, what you think?

Looking forward to your updates on this. It’ll be interesting to hear how things change as you move from totally uncompetitive guilds to less uncompetitive guilds.

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This is just a way to keep super guilds from climbing so fast, you couldn’t overthrow lost winds so now you have to take the long way around, looking forward to seeing you up here eventually. Enjoy the easy ride while it lasts.

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Our guild See no Evil is the same on Xbox. We’re now bracket 116 after 8 weeks scoring around 1.3m points a week. It’s proving tough keeping the guild interested and together with no real competition in the foreseeable couple of months.

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While I don’t disagree, the question regarding this that I want to ask is:

How long should the grind take?
A year?
6 months?
2-4 months?
less than 2 months?

It might be that the guilds like us need to slowly rise for over 10 months to be in the bracket where the raw player quality should have them in. IMHO that is too long. Personally I don’t care that much, but in general when I think about the game dynamics, I think something should be done.


And after all the easy weeks will u be ready for the new builds we are coming up with, some really interesting new ones are popping up.

And another thing, how are you looking doing statue bonuses? How long will that take to reach 100?

Edit. Not saying we don’t like competition in bracket 1, of course we do and you were one of the best, can’t wait to see you guys return!!!

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I was hugely impressed by how you guys all stuck together and started your new guild. It’s nice to see a new guild started with a real purpose and not another one that’s just bloating up the leaderboards.
See you in bracket 1 soon.


I’m definitely looking forward to facing you again in bracket 1.

I completely agree that they want to stop “super guilds” from rising, but I would argue they are keeping the “old guard” in power. There should be a shift in power more frequently. And if 30 people want to form a new guild and they are all bracket 1 capable then they should get to fight there. Also, it’s not fair to lower guilds who have to get demolished by you guys on your rise.

There are a couple older guilds that are entirely too complacent in their rank that need a wake up call.

After week #9:
We climbed 6 brackets to bracket 107. At this pace we will be in bracket 1 in 18 weeks, which is late March 2018.

We are in the same boat in many respects. We started at rank 2,373 on June 25th this year. I didn’t track our progress all the way through but from the last 5 weeks we’ve moved from 661 to 621 to 601 to 571 to 541 this week. Generally speaking we are around 750 to 900k and our next closest “opponent” has been around 50k.


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I have news for you: You wouldn’t consider bracket 3, let alone bracket 30, competitive for you. Our guild is a good fit in bracket 3 and about a third of our players don’t participate in GW at all. Maybe 5-8 players bother to set different defences and use daily color teams. We were comfortably 3rd in our bracket last week (23rd overall).

I agree that the current system doesn’t allow fast-rising guilds to rise fast enough.


I miss facing you guys in GW, you’re an important part of the PS4 community/player base. I wished you were allowed to catch up quicker. Looking forward to the day you get back up where you belong :slight_smile:

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Final results from week #10

We did 160/180 matches. We won 160/160 matches. Win%=100.

We got up 5 brackets to bracket 102. At this pace we will be in bracket 1 in 22 weeks which is late April 2018.

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We are in the same boat at TAG. We didn’t post as impressive a score as your guild did but we still beat our next closest competitor by over 800k and only went from bracket 54 (rank 541) to bracket 52 (rank 521) this week :frowning:

Week #11

Week #12

We got up 4 brackets this time to bracket 93.

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The most interesting thing about weeks 11 and 12 is the other guild, YinYang, who is performing “10 times weaker” than us, but still rising the same amount of brackets in between weeks 11 and 12. This just makes it more obvious that the rising of ranks has nothing to do about performance, it’s only matter of how many guilds in between don’t register to the next weeks GW. The system really needs some rework, if it’s marketed and claimed to be THE most competitive part of Gems Of War.

So if all the guilds in ranks 1-920 register for next week, and we finish top2 in bracket 93, we will rise one bracket to 92, no matter how many points we score. If 100 guilds in ranks 1-920 don’t register for next weeks GW, we will rise 10 brackets. This is really encouraging for us! I will really push to the limit in this super competitive mode. …sigh…


We went from 521 (my last post) to 491 last week and 461 this week (making around 1 million points a week vs your 1.5 but our next closest is usually 10x less or even worse)

Week #13

Week #14
bracket 89, no pic, sorry

Week #15

Week #16

It’s a steady pace of 4 brackets / week. If it keeps up, we’ll be in Bracket 1 in 20 more weeks.

as seen in the pics the bracket system was somehow broken / weird in weeks 13-15. A guild from upper bracket always won with 0 points. Congrats to them.

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TAG jumped in this same period from 431 to 401 to 381 and now 361 this week so it looks like a maximum of 20 points a week is the norm now :frowning:

Based on @Calv1n’s experience and what they are reporting in the PowerGems thread, at some point, you’re going to drop to a maximum of 2 brackets climbed per week. I’m guessing maybe when you hit top 500.

This is really too bad - both of your guilds deserve to be way higher in the rankings than you are.