Another Guild Wars Complaint Topic!

So…yet again, my guild finishes #2 in our pool. Also add in the 10 teams above us and the 10 teams below. We finished 3rd overall. Yet we have 0 movement for the 3rd week in a row.

This is getting stupid.

The pool above us has 4 teams that finished with half the amount of points as us for the third week in a row and they haven’t moved below us.

This is getting nauseating and ridiculous that the devs are not saying anything about why teams that suck at GW’s aren’t moving down and groups actually trying aren’t moving up.


i feel your pain,

i hope sooner or later devs change their mind and actually tell us what exactly is taken in consideration when deciding brackets so we could 'fight for rewards’ not just ‘fight for fighting:tired_face:

Which bracket are you in?

I’m still completely astounded by the arguments that they use for not telling us what decides the brackets. How can we be expected to engage in a competition when we don’t know what the rules for advancing to a higher level of competition are (i.e. moving to a higher bracket)?

How would knowing what decides the brackets make them susceptible to manipulation? How could anyone game the system here?

It’s so easy, 'cause if you advance to a higher bracket you have access to better rewards, which encourages you to play better (have more success) or luckier (whichever you prefer). So there would be no reason not to play for the best result because if you do you would be forced to play next week for lesser rewards…

So, please, just tell us how people in lower brackets can focus their efforts to move up and get access to better rewards!