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Guild wars rank bug?

Is there any reason someone who hasn’t even been in my guild for 24 hours is our paragon? Our guild wars roster looks totally wrong people who weren’t here for the last guild wars are above people who have been here months ??? @Saltypatra @Kafka

Can someone fix this? Guild is Assonance on PS4

The roster lineup always goes by the points that were scored in the last wars. So regardless of what bracket they were in, it will go by those points scored. I don’t think they can switch it either.

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They must have gotten crazy high points then. I was paragon with 55 440 :flushed:

Sounds like whoever it is probably deserves to be there then! Even in the lowest brackets, it is not easy to score over 55k.

Yep :slight_smile: this week will tell. We’re b3

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