Our Guild placed in wrong bracket PS4


@Ghaleon I believe sarcastically that was said :slight_smile:

My thread is regarding My guild being singled out not being positioned correctly where we deserved to be in GW, treated unfairly with no communication or advance notice to explain why. And no compensation for lost of resources spent that week which was indeed pointless as it made no difference because they chose us to be the guild to drop when we should have gone up.


My apologies I think main issue got side tracked when folks started suggesting scrapping guild wars altogether.

The discussion at hand is about the guild that should have been moved up a bracket but for whatever reason didn’t.


don’t care what you do going forward @kafka , but GTA has earned the rewards from reaching bracket 2 from previous guild wars and won’t receive the rightful compensation at the end of this guild war since you have arbitrarily displaced us. The rewards for guild wars are poor as it is and when you cheat players out of that tiny reward it is an even bigger insult. At weekly reset I expect that GTA will receive the extra 75 gems and cards that we earned. No one can argue with that. If we don’t receive it then all of this community will see it and know you play guild favoritism


Maybe I’m a bit biased due to being a member of GTA, but the complete disrespect shown by the devs to the guild as made me weigh up my desire to continuing playing this game. It is only out of respect for my guildmates that I won’t be just quitting in disgust immediately.


There hasn’t been much input from TAG here, but I’ll just say that we didn’t ask for this. We’ve been climbing two brackets every three weeks for many months and were finally experiencing some resistance in the last couple sessions. It was welcome after having only internal competition for all that time.

That said, personally, no matter how much we dominated last round, I don’t think it makes sense for us to go from 5 to 2 in one step. It would have made sense to jump farther earlier, but not now when there are actually active, competitive guilds around us. I’ve played in bracket 1 and 2 before, and I honestly believe we have the players to compete in brackets 2 and 3, but working our way up these last few brackets would have been just fine.


Hi @Stan . We have no worries with TAG . Its not your guilds fault you guys have been very honest and upfront WE totally appreciate that . @Calv1n has been quite understanding and agrees like yourself that the massive jump escpecially in the top 5 brackets is unreasonable. But its just very unfair we were singled out when bracket 2 was expected. A lot of players are not happy with these unexpected changes and becoming very dishearted and considering quitting because of the constant issues and unfortunatley I am one of them now. Personally Long term players are treated very poorly I"ve dedicated over 2 years leading my guild and devs response is they are aware and thats its tough and we dont want you to understand how it all works. So basically the game is now fixed and they will be cheating and we’ve called shannigans.


Xenrax is not too happy with this wrongful drop of bracket and postng of our rewards either. We busted our rumps to earn that spot now at a whim the devs initiate their change without fully thinking ahead about how it will effect the top guilds. Xen understands the need in lower brackets to help get around those guilds that are just occupying space, but for the established guilds duking it out up top it all should remain the way it was. Because now it seems in order to get our rightful spot we should just not show up and drop a few brackets just to destroy our foes so we can jump wayback up? That is just asenine to have to do all that. And to just say well that’s the new changes we implemented and too bad, better luck next time is just lazy and treacherous. Xen out.mic drop


Just quickly!

Guilds have to register to be in Guild Wars. Even if you think that a guild is inactive, someone has to register in it for it to show up in a bracket. This means that all guilds participating have been actively signed up by one of their members.

Our new system is working as intended, but there have been a few surprising results. We are looking into these now to make further tweaks to the algorithm for future Guild Wars.


Future GW doesnt help us who have been unfairly treated right now, i have been playing this game since its release date over 2 years ago, i have put a hell of a lot of money into this game , most people wouldnt know this or even recognize me as im very quiet and keep to myself , but ive had it, this is not the first time there have been game breaking issues , the pure principle of this is disgusting , GTA did their part and put the work in to get promoted and you simply take that away. Im done with your game , you have scammed us, you will get no more money from me, everyone should boycott this game and show you devs who pays and runs this game , everyone should approach Sony and advise them that they have scammers on their platform . Im out, thanks devs, and ill happily take my sister and brother in law who i introduced to the game 2 months ago with me, tell them to stop wasting their time, you will lose players and rightfully so, thanks for ruining the game and robbing us of what was rightfully ours, uninstall time.


We were in bracket 6 and we lose 3 members in the GW leaving the game. Anyway we make a special effort to keep the place at the bracket 6 and we do.

We don’t finish in the last 2 places, but we go down one bracket, because its suppose a guild “dominated” a lower rank bracket. Its suppose they do a great work but that means we don’t do it with 3 less members?

Sadly to see some changes can affect the hard work just to keep the place, we lose the last day in GW so we don’t carry the extra xp bonus but hey we stay in bracket.
We just realized that this not happen also.
This is what we get for our effort





Is it for every platform? Cause i asked my guildmates on xbox and nobody is registering us im pretty sure it’s automatic registering cause i tried to register as soon the reset was done and it said we are already registered


They probably have some type of auto register for active GW guilds just to avoid the you know what that would happen if we all forgot :scream:


You know i will never forget these 1500 :gem: :stuck_out_tongue:


Guild of Thieves has of course placed first more than any other guild on any other platform ever will. 1500 :gem::stuck_out_tongue: @ :candy:


I think Risin’Phreekz on PS4 may have you tied or beaten. How many times have you not gotten first in Guild Wars ?


I think we did not place first 5 or 6 times.
@Truxton would know of course.


Moved to feedback/suggestions as this concersation has to divulged from a bug report.


I think its 7 times. Other victories by: 4x Unforgiven, 2x Gem assassins and 1x Heavens gate. Not 100% sure.


Guild wars are over and no one in the GTA received any compensation for being displaced into a lower bracket. These devs are ridiculous. How is compensation such a hard concept. You took it upon yourself to cheat our guild now pay up