Our Guild placed in wrong bracket PS4


I’ve taken this link and concern further to Sony, and if they do not do anything about it, well then I will take it even further, as this is scam and fraud, they scam u into fake events and rewards by misleading u, and they take our hard earned money and don’t deliver on event rewards, they steal our money and rewards by not placing us where we rightfully belong, that is so wrong, again Sony do nothing that’s fine, but our countries laws are against scam and fraud, so let’s see what happens. U devs are thieving liars, we should all get together and do a petition to both Sony and our governments with our banking details as proof of the thousands we spend on this game, only to be lied to and cheated out of what we rightfully deserve. GOW will go down just like how many other games because of crap like this… No compensation devs, REALLY??? It seems a very small and fair price to pay considering the legalities involved that could be brought against u and the players who will leave this game and their monies with them… really not the brightest lot I have ever seen…




On a serious note though, it’s understandable that there is grievance on not getting promoted but the devs are in their right to change their game if they wish to. Obviously it would’ve helped with notice prior to this but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Good luck if you think you can take it further but I can’t see you can.


Great meme :rofl: