Lets not use Whitehelm as a home kingdom

Thank you for this reminder! I was meaning to switch to Pridelands but I plum forgot! Off I go to switch it, hup hup!

By the numbers I believe Arcane Spirits (Blue/Purple) are the most needed. I had my Kingdom set to Khetar for a long time. Then the mass disenchant came along and it was time to move to Glacial Peaks.

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I’ve been jumping around depending on what I needed most (other than glory). Currently based in Khetar for souls.

Arcane Spirits will also have been featured in events an absurd amount of times in the recent past and future, so while these numbers required will continue to climb, the relative amounts that endgamers have will climb even faster.

I see a lot of people has changed their home kingdom to anything but WH. This is great! The more the better. So I just gonna tag some guild leader here to spread the words. @DonBoba @Tacet @collectorofgems @Ashasekayi @ONOPALAVER @alexander @Gwynhbleidd @Pabloskee @Mariana @Amitiel


sneaks in and ninja tags @SirCookie before sneaking out again

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Some of our members already replied here that they changed their kingdoms :slight_smile:

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i use whatever kingdom i currently explore so i don’t overlook the tributes. right now maugrim woods.

Changed to Pans Vale :ok_hand:t3:

Since @orbin111 wrote this topic, I changed to Pridelands because I believe that Red traitstones are the most needed ones ;-).

And since all this time, no update from the devs…

This is a pretty cool idea. I’ve had mine set to Pan’s Vale for awhile. I’ll make a mention to my guild mates as well. :smile_cat:


Only 4 people from my guild use WH as their home kingdom now. Also I just got Arcane Blade from PvP earlier from someone who recently changed his home to Leonis Empire. It’s starting to pay off! :smile:


Nothing yet, but we have been having some discussions about this recently.


I shall spread the word to my guild and stay out of WH where I have avoided pitching my tent and tag @LYNDALE @litletre


I’m going to swap to Maugrim Woods now. Been ages since I moved to Wild Plains. Super ironically I now have far too many Arcane Beast traitstones and zero Arcane Swamps.

(Not that my home kingdom is responsible for this, that’s something else entirely…)


I will try to put a word in my guild too, but i dunno how much it will help.
PS: i use dragon’s claw:)


Tha’s only a slight help, as tha’s still yellow…

But you still have a chance at something else…

It’s plenty help for anyone who doesn’t need minors anymore. Many end-game players are done with minors, and are still much annoyed every time Whitehelm drops another Summer arcane at them.

Even for those how do still need minors, 50% of minors dropped from Dragon’s Claw are red (which is the most needed color), so in that regard it’s still better than Pan’s Vale or Sword’s Edge which some people said they set as home kingdom.


If they don’t want to make it completely random, and keep it based on something, they should make it based on what banner you use.

Seems like they’re discussing if making traitstones random would mess up some kind of balance. Like having to make a real choice of what kingdom you set as home. Random would be so much better. It shouldn’t be up to people to have to sacrifice what extra materials you get for the better of the community. :sweat:

My experience on console is that random is great, but since they have the hard data in front of them maybe not.