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Revenge Battles not based on Home Kingdom anymore?

As the title says…I’ve been paying careful attention to my revenge battles and they are no longer tied into either your current Home Kingdom or the HK in use at the time of the invasion. I’ve had many revenge battles based in kingdoms where I know I haven’t used ever.
@Sirrian is this now the case? I have always liked the idea of using revenge battles to specially target traitstone colors.



Wow, Discourse (our forum). YOU be more descriptive. What if I just want to say ‘bump’ and leave? What then.

Yeah, traitstone colors. I wants them.

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So this is what is to blame for my lack of getting any arcanes from my home kingdom.

Confirmed revenges are now ignoring your home kingdom, and it is not just a display issue. Home kingdom now has no effect on managing your traitstone drops whatsoever. At high level, you are going to see a ton of Whitehelm on invasion, since it has the highest tribute payout of glory. I’m also currently seeing a ton of Karakoth but probably only because people believe you can still get the mono purple arcane from revenges. Without revenge targeted drops, there is very little to set your home kingdom to anything besides your highest glory payout once you have 3* or above. Everyone mid level and above will likely be seeing even higher percentages of yellow only traitstones from PvP once this becomes more widely known and people start moving from whatever home kingdom they set for a chance at revenge stones and just go to Whitehelm.

Would really love some dev confirmation on if this intentional. @Sirrian @Nimhain


I am sick and tired of fighting in Whitehelm.

Couldn’t the max glory go to Pridelands for a while?



Shockingly, the Yellow-Something Arcanes? I have one, three, and five of ones that I want to use more of. So that isn’t even for lack of trying, that I still have so many Minor Yellows…

Making the pure Glory Kingdom double Yellow was no mistake lol

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looks like you guys need to just say F the glory, and make pridelands home for a bit

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The point of this thread is that that wouldn’t work :stuck_out_tongue: Since revenge battles no longer use the home kingdom location.

Exactly. It has always gravitated toward Whitehelm because them having the highest glory tribute, but before we would both see some random people switching to a different home kingdom for revenge stones AND we would have our own home kingdom for revenge stones when that came up as well. As more people start to realize you can’t get revenge stones for your home kingdom, an even higher percentage will just switch to Whitehelm. Whitehelm on invade, Whitehelm on revenge. Double whammy.

I would really really like to see a way to hit a target kingdom in PvP even without revenges.

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Invade targets kingdom you invade? true or false and can we confirm it.

Invade targets the home kingdom of the person you are invading, yes. This is the way it has always worked in the past. If it has changed, it would be kind of odd to be still seeing Whitehelm on at least every other invade. The last top 100 I fought was Sister, and I can confirm we fought in Whitehelm, and her home kingdom on her profile says Whitehelm.

This might confirm where you are invading but it does not confirm if you only got stones from whitehelm or f they are (like xbox/ps4) from any kingdom other than the invaded one.

I started paying close attention to my drops as soon as this thread went up. I am getting stones only from the kingdoms I invade. Feel free to do your own tests, but it becomes pretty apparent when most of your invades are Whitehelm, since you’ll only get yellow stones to drop.

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In PvP, you only get trait stones specific to the kingdom you are invading. It used to be that you fought your revenge battles in your home kingdom, which you could choose to try to target traitstones you needed. It does not appear to work that way any more. Now, all battles appear to be fought in the opposing team’s home kingdom.

Edited for clarity.

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Yup it’s all Whitehelm all the time out there! I figure I can take one for the team and switch over to Wild Plains, that kingdom gives out decent Glory (16 vs 20 for Whitehelm) and it’ll give invaders an opportunity to earn either red or green stones.
It’s starting to get to the point where I’ll scope out each team and go for the one that provides red, green or purple stones regardless of trophies.

I could almost believe that the change was accidental. Having revenges take place in your home kingdom made a lot of sense, since it encouraged diversity of home kingdoms. As pointed out, the new system encourages collection of yellow stones, purple/blue stones, or brown stones.

I just changed my home kingdom to Wild Plains. Maybe we can make this a thing?

I’ll switch to one of the other kingdoms as soon as I get one to 3 stars so I can get the tributes more often, my Whitehelm is actually 5 starred so it works well for me

what are the kingdoms that offer 16 glory for tributes? I don’t feel like going into each of them to find em, I’ll focus on getting them to 3 stars

My home kingdom is Pridelands, so come after me for those reds!