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I’m really tired of seeing Whitehelm as the Home Kingdom of I’d say at least half of my pvp opponents. It is my Home Kingdom as well.

The reason is obvious: Glory is much more valuable than Souls and Gold, especially in late-game scenarios. The result is that, apart for a few Runics, I don’t need any Wind traitstones anymore, not even Arcane Summer.

So the new Event system encouraged players to vary their teams and we end up seeing more different teams. That was great. Maybe something simliar could be done for Home Kingdoms, so you could see it more often in PvP. Here’s a few ideas:

  1. If you use the featured kingdom as your Home, you get +1 to the current Power Level (not Home 2x!) tribute reward multiplier. For example, if you have 2 blue stars with your Home kingdom, you usually get rewards x6 (x2 from Home, x3 from PL). If that kingdom is featured, you’d get x8 instead (x2 from Home, x4 from PL).

  2. If you use the featured kingdom as your Home, you get +1 Glory from pvp defense battles (win or lose).

  3. Some small boost for troops defending the week’s featured kingdom, like +10% to all skills.

What do you guys think? Do you have any other ideas so we see less and less Whitehelm on PvP?

EDIT: As an end-game player who has all troops, my only real goals right now are helping my guild and traiting my troops. Those are conflicting tasks, because my guild needs trophies from PvP, but PvP mostly gives me only wind traitstones. I’m starting to lose my interest in the game, tbh…


These are good ideas. Also it can go another route: the event kingdom can directly influence what TS you get from PvP. I guess stones only from there may be a bit too much, but maybe 50% for a stone from invaded kingdom and 50% from the event one?
Or just go where, AFAIK, consoles are from the beginning (or at least for a long time) and make TS from PvP totally random regardless of where you fight. It’s simple and, if not perfect, at least much better than what we have now. And was already suggested, probably more than once…

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I think that a very very simple solution would be 1 of these 2:

  • pvp battles could just award a random traitstones.
  • pvp battles could award traitstones based on the color of the banner enemy is using. If he is using double red, it could drop you red/red arcane on the end. If the enemy is using blue/brown banner you get either blues or browns, or blue brown arcane.

I like the flag idea, but I’m not sure it works thematically. It could confuse players, maybe, idk

I think the simplest thing would be for folks to realize that the glory tribute from Whitehelm is not that much greater than the next highest kingdom. I’m in Wild Plains, whose glory tribute only 2 less than Whitehelm and it gives red/brown traitstones. Do you really get that much more from Whitehelm?

EDIT: it has been pointed out to me that Wild Plains actually gives red/green traitstones. My apologies for the error.


The problem is that it doesn’t give ME red/brown traitstones. And I have only 1 Blue star with Wild Plains, so it’d give me 32 Glory, instead of the 60 Glory I get from Whitehelm. So, yeah, I’d take 28 Glory over 200 Gold any day.

The only reason I am actually using WhiteHelm as Home Kingdom is my Priest/Soul Blade/Divine Team which is my primary team.

And since it costs (Which I think is wrong) to switch classes and do other Kingdom/Teams I don’t because of the soul farming I am able to do with my divine Team.

Wait, what difference does your Home kingdom make to that team? Classes and Home kingdoms are not dependent… afaik… are they?

Doesn’t it count under troop bonus from where folks are from for kingdoms?

It does, but it depends on the Hero’s Class, not your Home Kingdom. Check this out:

Your home kingdom (using the set home button) doesn’t give your teams any extras.

The class does that, not your home kingdom.

You could use that team with any other home kingdom and it would make no difference to your stats/bonuses.

No, but when you invade me it does.

I change my home kingdom frequently, to whatever arcane I’m farming on Explore. That way as I click the kingdom to reach the Explore menu I never miss a tribute. I also don’t forget which kingdom has the one I need between log ins.

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Some good souls like you might use different kingdoms to help others, but it’s hard to count on that. I, for one, wouldn’t make that change. :hushed:

Thanks to remind this problem. It was very clear with the x2 traitstones event.

There was an old topic about that (I took Pridelands since this topic) and these posts from @Mithran are quite interesting:

And just remind that on console the arcane are random… And as far as I know, devs never replied about this issue…

Indeed, let’s all hope that in the final alignment of PC/mobile and console versions, this is one difference that stays the way consoles have it.

Yeah, I completely ignored the event because I didn’t want more yellow stones.

What Mithran exposes is interesting, but I hope it doesn’t make people think the solution is having 3 options instead of 1: Whitehelm, Wild Plains and Pridelands.

I really hope the devs do read my suggestions (as well as others, but I like my first 2 better so far) and analyse their potential to solve this unbalance issue. I mean, I got mad when Valk lost Necromancy, but I accepted because everyone was using her much more. Whitehelm has the same issue of overuse. I’m really curious about how many people have Whitehelm as their most invaded kingdom.

In my guild, it’s 25/30. The 5 exceptions are Broken Spire, probably because it’s the default Home kingdom. (Maybe it shows those 5 people target mostly newbies, perhaps because some of them are beginners themselves hehehe)

I don’t care what happens as long as we can stop freaking Whitehelm. I’m over it. Done. Finished. Every Arcane I get is Summer now. I have more than 50% more Yellow traitstones of all rarities than anything else and don’t even start on Minor Fire… because of a totally archaic system that could have been changed any time in the last 12 months.