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Less matches per event, please 🙏

Please, less games in the events, there are so many matches. :running_man::running_woman:

Especially with the appearance of the delves, it requires a lot to complete or participate in the numerous events that are currently. Too many things accumulate daily to cover all areas. :disappointed_relieved::

I know the usual answer, there is no need to play everything, of course not, but normally who wants to play only part of a game? :disappointed:

The solution could be simple. Fewer rooms in the delves (I know they are optional but they are still many), fewer initial battles before facing the Boss or the Towers in Invasion, less fighting in pet rescue, less fighting in daily tasks, etc. Simply, shortening some event would be more affordable and possible. :tired_face:

Let’s make it possible for people to play everything without stress or with more free time for other activities implicit in the game.

Of course it is only a humble opinion. But maybe for more than one applauded. With respect. :hugs:


I highly disagree with this. Delving is the only new mode that I actually like. We are already limited to only 3 delves a day. So, they don’t need to reduce the amount of rooms in each delve. The devs have already given you the option to skip rooms and rush straight to the boss if you have limited time to play.


Exactly, reducing the number of Rooms/Battles for everyone makes everyone lose the opportunity to play at their heart’s content.


In my opinion it would be good if they did something to Raids and Invasion. I enjoy the modes, but I just find them to take a lot of time for what they give back. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to enjoy this game in a top guild, with getting all the goodies. I just feel that it is within these two modes the problem lies. Shorten them a bit would be an option.


Reduce the number of delve room also reduce the rewards you get, so it’s a big NO from me


I feel Raids and Invasions are usually less enjoyable specially if the new troops, troop selection poll and weapons are less interesting. There are events super laid back in decent kingdoms, and utterly boring/time consuming in others… :tired_face:


These is the modes they can cut down IMO. Take away some of the bad rewards tiers and change the point system so a little less points is required.

Here’s how I think it works out to be frustrating:

To be a high-end player, you want to be in an active guild. Most active guilds have requirements and compete with each other. How do they compete? Trophies. How do you get Trophies? You don’t get them from:

  • Delve
  • Faction Events
  • Raid Boss
  • Invasion
  • Class Event
  • Bounty Event
  • Pet Rescue

These event matches are not fast. They all involve stronger opponents than usual, so even with a very powerful team you have to plan carefully. Doing 5 of these takes about as long as doing 10 or 15 PvP matches. Worse, because the event rewards are so valuable, you get fewer “normal” rewards per match.

This game has been about “find a way to finish PvP/Explore as fast as possible” for the year I’ve played it. I stuck with it because it is about fast gratification and accumulating resources over time. This also happens to be exactly what guilds want out of trophy farmers: the faster you play the more trophies you get.

But every new batch of content requires you to spend more time per match. I agree the rewards we’re getting are big. Even when I have bad luck, Delve puts out ingots at a very good rate. But a lot of players are under pressure to play longer than they want to now because their guild requires trophies and they do not want to fall behind other competitive players.

There is such a thing as “too much to do”. Right now the new game modes conflict with how people are used to playing GoW.

If this is to be a game about slow, strategic play, fine. But perhaps it’s a mistake that trophies are only available in the fast-paced modes if we’re to focus on the slower playstyle.

So that’s why I think people are grouchy, in general. For all we complain, we liked the fast-paced game we had and would rather a slow-paced game be a separate thing.


The lack of trophies does make it feel like less is being achieved on the leaderboard.

However, an easy solution is to just lower the minimum trophy requirements in your guild … if everyone feels that way.


Maybe invent trophies for the Invasion/Raids matches. I know it have been discussed before. But that might have helped a little.


I´m just generalizing about the high number of matches we have daily now, for example:

A normal Monday:

  • Imagine Boss event or Invasion, (if you are minimally participatory there will be about 8 games)
  • Dungeons (3 combats)
  • Daily tasks (between 10 and 30 combats more less)
  • Delves (between 9 and 27 fights)
  • Pets (between 0 and 16 more less)

In a case of little activity without pets and only games, we talked about 30 matches up to more than 80.

If we enter on a Thursday it is even greater with 8 class event games normally

And Delve events will be even longer. I do not say that you have to shorten the delve but shortening some event would speed up the game a bit. They begin to accumulate the things to do and it seems that they will continue to come out more.

I am a long-term player, even with time for all this but I see how people begin to see the amount of events and extras as something endless and that they lose the original sense of the game that they liked so much in their day. People start to see a ballast unable to do everything.



I did everything before, until I realized that, if I gonna continue having fun and find time for this game I need to play less daily tasks, do less rescues and sometimes even ignore the Dungeons. I feel maybe that you put all endgame players in one category that most of us have to do everything every day, or aim for 100% in the modes every day. But thats not true. Most of us get adapted and try to find a balance that fits.

There was nobody that said you should aim 100% at all.


I´m not talking about all end time players.
I´m talking about the huge numbers of things we need to do per day.

Of course “we don´t need to do all” , is something already said.
But if they still introducing things it became more harder to all. The Underworld is now a part of the game that is needed, so the players that want to continue levelling kingdoms in Krystara also must play delves.

Some things sure are irrelevant but others not.
I´m talking as a Guild Leader and what my people said to me announcing that the end of his days are close with so much stuff. For me is really sad to lose more long time players just for this things. I enjoy this things but is time the real problem.

I said again is not to me directly. But I’m not the only who think like this.
Is not an attack to developers or anything, is as the category said, a feedback


But that is my whole point. I agree there is huge numbers we can do in this game per day.
But we dont need to do all of them.

When that is said. I agree some tweaking in some of the modes would have been healthy. Something needs to be done to the bigger modes like Raids/Invasion I do believe. Lesser modes like daily tasks/dungeons/pet rescues is fine as they are.


I’ve taken the “I don’t have to do everything to play at the level I want” track.

If this were a very different game, the 1% bonus an extra pet gives might actually matter. But that extra 1 HP or .25 Magic doesn’t mean squat when the teams that are most frustrating can either instakill or are doing damage in the hundreds. The “difficulty” of GW isn’t ‘winning’, it’s figuring out what you can do to get 9400 points or more instead of 9300 or less. Pets, orbs, chaos toenails, etc. don’t help with that in a way that warrants spending a lot of time on them.

So I do the things that seem to matter in the day. Mostly that means dungeons, and I make sure to do all of my sigils and work hard before Portal 10 opens. I focus on seals early on mythic weeks, etc. If I get done with the things I feel like I need to do to have fun, I start digging through the chores. Lately I don’t make a lot of daily tasks. I’d like the extra income, but I also don’t want to burn out, so I just don’t bother and play the game how I feel like.

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I agree. Our Guild has completed Level 8 on Boss Raids, but what is the point of pushing on for Level 9?

What do we get? 5.5k gold, 550 souls and a couple of Chaos Orbs which will probably end up being Orbs of Growth or Clans, neither of which are particularly much use to a high level Guild.

So we just don’t bother.

Should they make single player games shorter, too? A game is a game. If you don’t have the time to put into doing whatever in it, don’t. If you still want everything, pay to gain.

Shortening the experience for everybody because some don’t have the time cheapens it for the people that do, just as keeping it long is making it stressful for you. So the only obvious answer is prioritize, and if I were you, I’d choose real life.

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This is to me?
Haha you really don’t know me so speculate with you want

I´m talking about lot of people not me, maybe you need to read more first

Hurhur okay take some anxiety medication and stop stressing over a game.

read a little more and maybe you understand something

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