Please Devs, make New Delve event a week long

Please Devs, make New Delve event a week long. New factions are very taxing on time and i dont see why just make them a 3 day event.


You don’t get it.

The point is not to make an event that people can spend a healthy amount of time and money on defeating. The point is to make you feel so time-constrained you’re willing to buy more Tier VII potions to make it a teeny bit easier.

And “you” is generous. I’m getting the feeling the real target demographic is completely absent from our community.


Yh and they clock off for the weekend while chaining us to our consoles. They intend to increase that by making invasion and raid weekend only also. More lip biting here. Gems is at an all time low with this ridiculous faction. There is absolutely no constructive criticism that can be made on its behalf.


But yes. Of all game modes, factions require the most time commitment and should definitely be week long. The guys who nail completion in a single day astound me because I simply do not have the switch off tolerance to do the same. I will never complete a single day Tuesday faction. It’s too much for me from a negative psychological perspective. We have commented at length on the negative mental impact of factions for a year plus and this faction summarises our opinions to some degree. Pandemonium, chaos, dementi…
Maybe an ill advised attempt at humour reflecting how we view content like this. It’s not funny and it’s not fun and those 2 ‘fun’ factors are essential if gamers will remain loyal and engaged in a healthy perspective.