Enough with the events already

Do you really expect us to play a mobile game 3-4 hours a day to keep up?

There are so many events going on right now that I literally didn’t even know there was a faction event this weekend until the banner popped up because it was hidden in the games menu.

It’s getting seriously fatiguing. Just give it a rest.



This week doesn’t seem like too much, correct me if im wrong but the only events there are right now are raid boss, kingdom, pass, legends reborn. Those dont take too much time, an hour or two daily. And even that might be a stretch

Faction assault? Sort of the big item here :wink:

I suppose a lot of people spent quite a bit of time on the class event to get some levels for Geomancer, unaware there was a faction assault coming up.

Also - “2 hours per day isn’t that much”, I’m sorry but what??


For me, 2 hours aday isnt that much because i have a lot of free time. I missed the faction assault, my bad

Two hours is probably 50-75% the free time most working age people have per day. That’s rather extreme.


Oh, i see. That is a lot of time then

It feels like this week has been busier tbh, mainly due to grinding battlecrashers, multiple reruns of bright forest storyline, lots of extra clicking in various areas and of course faction. I’ve not done any arena (usually 4 runs a week +), or pvp and I’ve picked only a few adventure board games all week. So glad to finish PF500 and switch off my xbox until tomorrow night.


Yep, extreme week in terms of the quantity of matches. I’d prefer less quantity and more quality.

The 5room shortest route faction was completely unneccessary in terms of quantity added to this week. It isn’t like you need particual skill/brains to manage and win the matches. The point is the consumed time for stupendous grinding, while a 4room shortroute would’ve also been “enough”. Try and keep it fun…

Other big minus that has been since forever is the rng luck you need (f.e. for finding crowns and how many matches it’ll take you). A completely idiotic structure noone ever enjoyed. But that’s like talking to walls. Not ever going to change…

While I find it funny that some people seemingly think “having to invest (play) 2h each day isn’t that much” this most likely isn’t the norm, nor should it be. Obviously there’s people with more free time, due to reasons I won’t even question further, but most people “work” 5days a week minimum and don’t have that much time to willingly throw in each day just “to keep up”. :slight_smile:


There is no norm for how much time people can invest into a game, some people have 8 hours of free time other people have 30 minutes of it. It depends on each person, the main reason i didn’t realize this week was so busy is because ive done raid all week, thats it, i reached tier one in PvP but other than that just raid.

i used to play on my phone for 10 hours a day lol so keeping up with events wouldn’t be that bad. plus theres like barely any events on the switch. for switch members guild wars starts on Tuesday why Tuesday that just a weird day to start it.

Guild wars start on tuesdays for everyone and always did. Simple reason: You need time to set up your defenses, level your sentinels and whatever other preparations there may be to be done. Would be unfair to have the first bunch of defenses hitting you before you even got there.


Agreed. This week, and especially this weekend’s event pacing was exhausting.

Something I haven’t seen mentioned is that each iteration of Legends Reborn is at a higher difficulty. There is a very large difference in plowing through all the battles on the first day with a quick kill team, and now starting to have to approach battles like you would a higher level explore run. The amount of consideration and active playing, plus time per battle is a significant increase by the third time through on top of a brand new Faction event.

For it being the weekend, I’m fricking exhausted from getting everything done plus admining my guild. This is yet another downside of having 3 separate concurrent events like Campaign Pass, Kingdom Pass, and now Legends Reborn. As others have stated, this isn’t my second job, it’s a game to relax. and that seems to be getting more and more confused when max hours engaged is a KPI for success for the devs.


As I was trying to do everything today, it was starting to dawn on me that all of the activities were pushing me away from what I wanted to do as almost none of the activities stacked.

My Activities for today:
Dungeons, no crowns
Adventure Boards, no crowns
Pet Rescues, no crowns
Legends Reborn story mode, no crowns
Farm for 10 crowns/Kingdom Pass (pvp/explore)
Faction Assault daily sigils, no crowns ← imagine if I wasn’t already done with it
Raid Boss, no crowns (I’ve been too busy to do it the previous days)

Activities I’m glad I finished on a different day:
Weekly Campaign

The activities I don’t have time for:
Arena - 3 runs

Its a lot to remember, and even more to actually do. Yeah, I could wait to do Legends Reborn another day, but another weekly Campaign and weekly World Event starts tomorrow. I’d be pushing the time crunch on to a different day. I can’t even wait too long on Legends Reborn as Round 4 starts in 3 days time, stacking another +25 battles.


I have a lot of free time (yes, please do not question me :wink:) and I found it exhausting.

Have the battle crashers appear everywhere (other than GW and can’t replace a Raid boss, Tower, gnome…) and it wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s on top of everything else…


Can we please get more mindless tasks with pet paywalls? Asking for a friend!

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I think in gaming terms, this is called “fun and addictive”. Or “engaging”. Or whatever, I hate it.
GOW is far from the worst offender. I remember having played a game years ago, that had a daily schedule of one hour events starting at 8 in the morning and going almost uninterrupted until 11 at night. Was on vacation, when I stumbled upon it, so I thought, I could give it a try. I stopped playing it after three or four weeks, when I noted, I went seriously insane (reciting Hamlet line by line in a chatroom isn’t healthy, is it?), but I think, the mental scars are still there today.

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Did you mean play a different game that feels like less of a chore? :sweat_smile:

This is the second or third time I’ve not finished all events. The first couple were all when I first started and didn’t know much about the game. This week is special because not only did I not finish the raid boss event, I still haven’t finished the legends reborn event, and I didn’t even start the faction assault. Somehow, even with missing all of that, my average play time is more than what I’ve played the last few months.

Devs you need to fix this or you’re going to lose a lot of players, myself included. This isn’t fun and the more we fall behind the more playing and, for you more importantly, spending makes less sense.

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And in case you need help, the answer is simple. Get rid of old game modes that are stale and replace them with new. Do not add a single new thing to this game without taking out at least 2 things.

Admittedly, by the time I caught up, I did find myself jumping on a different game just for a change of pace :sweat_smile: