Suggestion: Increase the length of faction events from 1 day to 2

Every Tuesday, we get a faction event that can easily take hours, especially now that scoring has been changed to make it less worthwhile to stay at level 20. We are given one day. Every Wednesday, we get a pet rescue. We get 24 hours to complete a task we normally get only a single hour to do. I complete them in less than 10 minutes. We’re given the same amount of time for each event: 24 hours, which is too little for the first event and quite a lot for the second.

Why not let the faction event spill over into Wednesday? This should alleviate the time crunch on Tuesday. We start on delves on Tuesday, and, the following day, clear the pet rescue quickly before finishing what we have left. People may purchase more delves as they’d actually have time to do them.


Exactly, i dont see why all week events dont start on monday reset. All the events that use sigils are just gonna be bootleneckd by how much sigils you buy.


Yes please!

The reason for having daily events is to encourage daily play, which makes the publisher happy and helps maintain funding for GoW. For that reason, I doubt you’d ever see all events unlocked at weekly reset. Still, the idea of letting faction events run for 48 hours is nice.


Three days would allow one free sigil per day. Overlaps with class event, but that event is shorter.

It also would spread the game out over the whole week:

Monday can take a lot of time with PVP tier and everything new with the weekly reset.

Tuesday to Thursday could take a lot of time with the faction event and class event.

Friday to Sunday could take a lot of time with the weekend event, and catching up on guild event and event stones. If Doom is best played at the same time, weekend might be best when people are free.

This is a GREAT idea! I would love to have more time to pursue Faction events.

This shouldn’t impact me, but I feel like it does in a way that makes me want to say “please, no”.

I already find 21 sigils/week a struggle. I like playing PvP/Explore. But every week I’m spending 30+ minutes in a Guild War, Raid, Invasion, and soon Tower of Doom before I can touch that. Then on Tuesdays, there are more sigils than usual, so it’d really be better for me to stick to the faction event. Hell, I just spent an hour playing out Bounty sigils. It was not fun. I don’t like the team I have but it was successful. I wanted to play PvP or Explore.

So I’m in the group that there is “too much to do” because I don’t get to spend my time the way I want in GoW anymore. That makes me resist anything that causes events to last longer than they do. I often let a faction event expire with 5 or more sigils left over and I’m fine with that. Having it stretch to the next day would make me feel like I have to play them.

I don’t imagine I’m alone.

I’m in the other camp, where having more time to accomplish tasks actually allows for me to play the way that I want to play. Unless I take every Tuesday off of work, I really have no ability to complete a Faction event with the time available to me. So, having Events lasting longer actually allows for more “the way I want to play” options for me, not fewer (in my opinion).

I agree with you but “the way I want to play” in my definition doesn’t involve playing more than about 5 sigils in one day. I’m plenty happy to let faction event sigils “go to waste” if it means that day it made me happier to play PvP, Arena, or Explore.

Break the leash of the event calendar. Sit out a few events. If you’re in a good guild, you’ll be surprised how tiny the individual event rewards actually are, and that you don’t notice you aren’t getting them.

Actually, I have sat out a few events, particularly the Delve events – Not enough time, you know?