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Faction events should not be limited to a single day

Like I’m guessing most people did for the faction events, I bought enough sigils to get the weapon. But unless you’re running away from the last battle each time, completing that many delves, plus however many extra you may get from Valravens, takes hours. And then we are given only until the end of the night. It’s not even like I bought every tier, and fitting in that many delves in one night is almost impossible. So it seems like that gives us a few options.

  1. Give up on the class weapon. Who knows when or if we’ll see it again.
  2. Accept you likely won’t complete all the delves you purchase, assuming you want the class weapon and everything else that comes with it.
  3. Run away before the treasure room to keep battles quick, although, especially if you have leveled the quality of your hoard, your treasure will suffer.

Shouldn’t we be given enough time to complete the delves we are offered as we see fit? 24 hours is not cutting it.


The pet event is 8 battles, total, over an entire day. The amount of effort needed to “complete” an event varies wildly, and faction events are definitely on the long side for how much time they require.


The faction events are on rotation every Tuesday. Since there’s only 3 factions, the first few will come back often. Its more of something to worry about when they release 20+ factions.


On Tuesday I bought 4 tiers, planning to buy 1 or 2 more. Ran away until 5 sigils were left. Even running away takes some time for so many delves.

I then defeated the boss until out of sigils with level 110 up next. By then it was too late for me to do more, so I never bought more tiers.

There’s lots of ways to change the event so it’s spread over more days. 1 sigil a day for 3 days, or 1 a day for 7 days but rewards take more points and/or are cut back, or 3 on Monday but you have the week to use them, etc.

Unless there’s new weapons each time?

There shouldn’t be and spoilers aren’t showing any extra weapons from each faction. Each faction probably has its own weapon and that’s it.


OK, thanks. I guess Tuesday will confirm it.

Hey, maybe old weapons from other Kystara kingdoms will show instead. Well, one can dream.

I feel the Faction events show be Monday And Tuesday for the US (Tuesday and Wednesday for those Down Under.)

I’ve simply adjusted my mental expectations to “I’m not going to spend every sigil in a faction event, and might not care”.

I’m 3 qualities shy of having quality 10 in every hoard, then my goal is to “hoard a lot of treasure so I can max new ones immediately”. It’s nice to get a lot of ingots and shards on a faction event day. But I am happier “losing” 5 sigils than scrambling to make sure I spend every last one.

Are people going to pass me up? Sure. Let them. I don’t get the feeling from their forum posts the people who are racing each other to be the first to reach “the end” are as happy as I am.

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