Suggestion: Please extend the Tuesdays Faction Events one more day!

That would just simply be awesome. Going all in on a Tuesday takes too much time for many of us, so extend it so it last out Wednesday as well would be greatly appreciated.


Before someone clashing into me for a wrestle. I am fully aware that this is something that has been brought up before.


Hell, make them Tuesday-Thursday 3-day events and slot something new, quick, and fun into Tuesday.

As it is I find the Tuesday faction isn’t much use for anything except blasting through the free sigils with a fast team to collect the rewards + chaos shards – and for picking up the faction weapon if you’re missing it. It’d be nice to have another chance at a pure-with-potions 500 but one day – and one workday, at that – simply isn’t enough time to get there.

(I like also the related suggestion of the faction assault battles having a level select, same as the regular delves, so that you could choose to pick up the faction assault from your highest previous delve rather than having to climb the ladder from the ground floor all over again.)


Workday the problem as i usually get the new ones done on friday but much harder on a tuesday where i gotta get up at 615am the next day. I say at least tues and wed as pets take like 3 minutes and nothing else going on n you dont have to do it if u dont want