Enough with the events already

Depends where you are in life. When I was on sick leave I played a ton - especially to keep my mind distracted. But now that I am back to work I have little time to play, I guess for some retired people (are there any here?) they would love a lot of stuff to play - but yes for the average working person it is too much.

Also I find Delves extremely repetitive and boring - so I only do those once in a while. Like someone else here said gaming should be fun and not a chore to grind out. So I tend to skip stuff that feel like a chore. But I will miss out on overall stats if I never do them. Wish they would just cut Delves in half - like you do Level 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 only - or get rid of at least 5 rooms.


I dont think its “free” time a lot of people think if you have a handicap, disorder illness what makes you cant work anymore that they have much free time and can play the whole day games!
Free time is IMHO time you chose and can fill in yourself!
In theory, I have 24/7 hours free time but I havent chose for it and if I can play 3 hours a day GoW then is that real much with my disorder!

I agree, there is atm way too much going on in game BC’s, LB, Campaign, WE and last weekend new faction then an insane terrible heatwave made that I had to chose what I could play and what I must pick up on later moment another day… and yeah that was the new Faction and this week I cant give me 100% on WE coz its not reachable for me and I dont like it that they have done so much the same time and its also not real exciting anymore,
So yeah, Im pretty done with BC’s and LR! :unamused:

The campaign is this week good and thanks to beta tester’s and the makers to make the campaign as a nice event to go for! :star_struck:


Agree. Too many events at the same time. :triumph:

Not really. Few weeks ago there were 3 events at the same time. That took a lot longer than an hour or two daily. Especially when you have all the other daily stuff to do beside the events. I was actually thinking the same thing as OP few days ago. And if you’re in a good guild, you have to contribute, you don’t want to just take take things and go on your merry way.

Most weeks there’s two concurrent events, and then you have faction assaults on Tuesdays and weekends and class trials, campaign, PVP and what not. I left the game for two years precisely because of that, it didn’t feel like casual game any more. and I am starting to think about it again. Some of us have work and family and other more important things to do daily. Unfortunately, devs force us to be in a guild, otherwise you miss too much and your time is limited. With all of the events, farming underworld for shards and farming traitstones, souls and gold to advance kingdoms and doing daily chores, campaign and pvp, when do you say “enough already”?

i like things to do and im actually rather bored in GoW today because theres only ToD and class trial, i feel differently than those above my post because i do have 6-8 hours of free time most of the time (dont ask) so i play GoW a lot

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With respect you have way too much time and choose to spend most of it glued to whichever platform you play on. Me, yes I played ( past tense) to excess. Those days are gone. The most satisfying pursuits have zero game connection and I play less and less because I value real life experience.

with respect, i choose to spend my time how i like. and it isn’t anyone else’s place to tell me i have too much of it. i see no point in continuing this topic so, goodbye.


@Helvellyn Whatever makes another person happy, may not be the definition of what makes you happy. I bet you can’t stand it yourself when someone tries to teach you how you should live your life and what to spend time on? (with respect)


Every post i have read by you is negative in some way. You appear to hate evrything about the game and you respond to others in forums in a critical and often mean spirited way.
Why do you keep playing the game? With respect


Fair comment. And you are both right. Every update dissuades me from playing cos the enjoyment factor has been sucked out of this game to death. I already play far less than I did and engagement personally will only continue to decrease. I am waiting for hellblade 2 then i will be gone for good. There is no retention based on fun in this game whatsoever and only FOMOS and codependants will remain.
Climb a rock face and wild camp for a weekend or grind the vault? hmmm rofl…cos most of the game defenders will choose the latter.

Oh how privileged you are to be able bodied and have the means to do such things.

Good for you!

But how about you don’t judge other people?

You don’t know anyone’s circumstances, and not everyone who plays a lot does it because they’re simply an addict and don’t want to do other things.

Some aren’t able to.

Maybe stop playing the game right now and go outside, touch some grass, you know?

No one is forcing you to play gems (I hope!).


Wow i really wish I could go for a hike or work in my garden or any of the things I used to be able to do but I am recovering from my second hip replacement surgery and suffer from chronic back pain due to genetic arthritis. So yes i will continue to enjoy gems and the distraction of a good book.
You are fortunate to be able bodied with no health issues that you can do what you mentioned. If I rofl I wouldn’t be able to get to my feet.
Perhaps stop judging others, you do not know their circumstances.


You are both right of course. I do not know anyone’s circumstances and physical limitations and I made no disparaging references to disability whatsoever (nor would I). But we still have choices as to how and where we spend our time, even if those choices may not be the same for all of us.

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I dont know if I must walk away, switch quick to another topic but I cant coz it touches me so deep Im not often shocked but yeah @Helvellyn you triggered me in a way I dont like…

Many years ago, I was a young female that had no time to play a game with guild req’s coz I was always busy with work, sport, social active rl I played solo games a few hours a week… sometimes had not even the time to play it, but I lived my life and enjoyed everything I did, and it satisfied my life…

Till the day that my whole life turned 360 degrees and everything became for me not possible more and was housebound and what for everyone is so normal became for me unreachable the fall i made is not to describe and also not important.
But it took me years to come out and start to build up a new kind of live and this game was the only game I could play, and it became a part of my real life the guild was as a family for me the game was everything I needed to be satisfied and feel some kind of being a part of the society again…
Im so glad you dont have to walk in my shoes coz i wish that for nobody, but please never talk / judge over how much time is healthy to play in a game coz it sounds maybe insane but for some people include me is sometimes a game not JUST a game but so much more in their life and then your not addicted or sick…
No, everyone is responsible for their own happiness and satisfied in the world and I know by real hard lessons life isnt fair, and please take nothing for granted coz im the proof that in 1 day your whole life can change from all to nothing!!

But between the lines I hear you the last months maybe half year this game became much lesser attracting for me and yes there are days that I play coz of the great guild im in and not coz I still love the game so much even coz my handicap make new things more difficult to play for me but im a fighter and I have always found a way to keep my pleasure in this game but last months I cant find it any longer or much more difficult in this game, but I still can understand that other players spend many hours a day in this game with much pleasure and satisfaction!
So even I dont see it as so great game any longer Im not be here negative or judge other people how they must spend their time coz who am I to say what is good or not.
I wish every one a great life, and please enjoy everything you can in life even if lives make it sometimes extreme difficult but its all worth to enjoy it coz it not for granted and you cant change it if live turn against you…
So I hope that your new game soon is there and that you find your pleasure again in gaming, a game where you feel the pleasure you are looking for in a game!

Agree even in the worst times in life you have always a choice but its real tough if you must choose out the less bad option ipo the one, you should do everything for to get it back even it was a last time…
But yes we all have the choice in life!

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If some people have 6-8h to kill daily - or even way more, I’m sure we can agree that this is (far) above “average”. If you can play gow, you could surely read a book or equivalent, watch movies, play other games, have conversations with real humans, do stuff on pc/phone etc. It is a free choice to sink that much time into gow. Not judging on it. And I certainly don’t care. Everyone’s life is different. Everyone enjoys different things.

If you just play with the goal to kill time and enjoy the ride over a long time period / daily, or if you login plenty of times during a day whenever you think about the game I would pretty much say this could be called “addiction”. :slight_smile:
But again, couldn’t care less about what other people do with their time or what reasons they have on it. Everyone has things they do to get themselves through the day or through life. Others do sports, or “need!!!1” starbucks, or go to events “just to be seen” and get a kick out of that, etc. - society.

All I’m saying: if anyone feels like there’s not enough material to play through in gow or stuff gets “boring” quickly, then maybe the reason is too much time spent on it. Always the option to start playing through the pile of treasure maps. Or try and explore new things outside of gow. :slight_smile: But please don’t encourage devs in any way to add even more to the game that needs to be played (in the worst case: “daily”) to not fall behind.

In some way I can find me in your reaction but you cant say imo that if you can play 6-8 hours a day gow that you then also can play other games, watch movies, read a book, have conversation with real humans coz that counts defo not for everyone…

Not everyone has so much options in life but in theorie I have 24/7 to spend on playing gow but if I reach 3 hours a day is that an amazing good day.

Most people who spend so many hours in this game are not killing time or sink so far in the game…

This game is for a lot of people also a social connection with guild members some people need it to escape of their real life and I dont care if someone can 1 hour a day or 8 hours or more so long that person feel good by it and have pleasure and satisfied by playing this so many hours then I find that great for that person and I full understand that a game can mean so much for people even I understand that some people with 1 or 2 hours are ready with the game for that day…

So long everyone enjoys and have pleasure in what they do awesome thats where live is for meant imo

But I full agree that we must not create the suggestion that there can be more events at the same time or more daily stuff coz its enough even for the 6-8 hour players if they want is there always something to do/ work on!


If you pick up a book to read several times a day, that could be an addiction.
If cou talk to people several times a day, addiction…

If you put it like that, everything could be an addiction.

That’s not how you define an addiction, though. There has to be a need to play and an inability to live without playing. Just doing it several times a day or for a long period to kill time is not the same as an addiction.


Yes, please. Not even more events. :sweat_smile:

I play the game quite a bit but I enjoy days like Wednesday or Sunday where there’s not much in terms of events (either nothing new or events are mostly finished).

That one week when we had so much going on at the same time was way too much.


I suppose in a way that the event overload does not affect all players and guilds equally. High end players in high end guilds probably have less incentive to bother with stuff like raid and invasion because for them, the rewards on offer are practically redundant currency (including orbs). For these players, personal progress is more likely to benefit from spending gems on dungeon shop (dragonite and runes) than on raid etc, unless there is a new weapon they want. They will probably favour doom and possibly factions for scrolls and shards instead. But for most players the event overload is excessive and overwhelming and unaffordable from tributes and tasks.

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Agree coz of the many events same time and for sure with the new Dungeon event its more difficult to get people active to go for the guild events coz they want the dragon’s or pet’s in LR and put there the gems in and the real team players must coz of that buy lots of more tiers to finish the events and the team spirit get more and more lost coz the dev’s their focus is more and more on the personal progress of player IMHO worse for the game and for sure demotivated for the real team players as myself!