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Easy Event Week

This will probably be the only time I say this… but this week, I am thankful for the current meta. Kill purple troops in PvP, well look no further than:

(I’m sure I’m forgetting some)

Each 3 trophy battle so far this week has had no less than 3 snotstones. Should be a quick finish!


I’m already done!

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I just finished getting to 1900 PvP and have 91 snotstones. Will probably finish the rest tonight while playing.

I was half done with this event after 15 matches. lol

It has been the easiest event by far.


Yet another reason for people to use kraken and wisp def.

I think this is the first “colored” event week in the game. (Had to adjust GoWDB to handle it.) It’ll probably be tuned to be more in-line with the rest of the events, timewise, the next time it comes around.

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That surprises me! I would have guessed there were some before this one. There are plenty more troop types than mana colors, so I don’t see why this event shouldn’t be more like 250 total kills.

I’m afraid the devs are going to see the responses here and just adjust the number of kills up next time they run a kill troop of x color event. Were it a less used color for the current meta (eg., brown or especially yellow in the current landscape) it would have taken many, many times as long, even being comparable to events like kill naga and kill stryx where people would have to go out of their way to use said troops on defense for you to see them at all.


How quickly we forget… :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew that we’d had at least one Red Troops in PvP week before, and sure enough the ever helpful GoWDB tells me the most recent one was as recent as August.

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Oh man, you’re right. I’m off my game…

Yup i also remember red event and it was very quick with the TDS reviving 4-5x every match :slight_smile:

Easy if you can get through the WISPS.

So far it’s been Kraken/Wisps… I still can’t kill both wisps.



100% win rate

Don’t have that :frowning:

Yes easy snots this week… now if only the battles were fun…

Yep very easy this week I’m up to 500 stones already


I just noticed your a moderator, Congratulations!!!. I can think of a better person to fill that role in the North American time zone. (I don’t know about you language skill for SA)

Have you tried the old skull spam team of Maw/Mercy/IK/Sheggra? I wouldn’t say I was getting a perfect winrate, but it seemed to be going well when I did it. Maw can eat one of the back targets that do damage and then a decent skull spam will fly right through the wisps.

Just make sure Mercy is in 2nd slot so if the Wisps charm your Maw, he isn’t hitting anyone else with his high attack. Also, switching the purples to yellow slows down the Wisps early game.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I actually went with the Krys Krys Route and just kept them mana starved by using Red or Purple as the boost when I attacked. So far three times it’s worked.

That same idea has been working against the forest troll and kraken teams as well. Take away blues and greens.