Enough with the events already

Careful what you wish for. One day they wont do anything each week. Be happy they continue to support the game with new stuff and rotations of events. Games like this dont last forever


I really like that they come with new stuff and events, but that will not say that we cant be honest in our thoughts, experience in it imho

I love the new troops and want to have them but if I see that lots of people use their gems they normally use in team events now in personal events then the loyal team players must spend more gems in the team events and that make it for me personal more difficult to get the gems for dragonite.

So im not ungrateful and say that they must stop with come with new things but ask for attention for the bigger goal its a team player game if you join a guild and no solo game :wink: and the makers encourage now with last events more the solo progress then the team progress in my eyes… and not much the same time is not saying that they must not release new things and events again but spread it more so the players can carry it better…

I really dont need the rewards from the events but it’s part of being in a guild to play as a team and support guild events. It would be selfish to only spend my gems on things that only benefit me. Plus i enjoy playing the events. I still have gems to spend on personal progress when i choose. This thread started in a week where there was event overload, it’s no longer relevant and it is time to put it to bed.

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I also have a guild first ethos and focus my gems on stuff that benefits everyone, whether I need it or not. I disagree that event overload has passed and the thread should be closed because 1)its guaranteed to happen again, 2)some players will still feel events are excessive and 3)we have stupid world event scoring that requires extra time to absorb. I had to write it down because it makes no sense at all. It’s all about time and how little our time concerns them.