Extend 24 hour events please

I work during the week as i know alot of the player base does as well due to this most of us have very limited playtime. I for one feel rushed for completion of these due to this so i am unable to invest both my time and gems into something i am unable to do with my free time.

The benefit of extending these would one give the player base some time to do them and two more gems sales and usage.

If the issue is adding a new window to allow for more events to be active at a given time all the better for both parties involved imo.

I will give a for instance today i got home from work with 6 hours or so till reset with a 24 hour event running i did what i could of it before i went to bed for the next day if these ran longer i would be able to do more levels needing additional sigils to do so and not feel as rushed.

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I agree that having more time to use the Sigils purchased in weekly Delve events would, I imagine, make players more inclined to purchase them in the first place – including those who would want to go nuts and take a Faction all the way to 500 (but wouldn’t otherwise due to limited time).

This would also suit me as someone who probably wouldn’t buy more Tiers/Sigils (although ask me again if high-level Delve rewards change!), but would appreciate the chance to be a bit more lazy.

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Just my informational opinion, not bashing the thought.

I may be wrong in the long term, but short term I suspect the 24 hr time limit won’t change; especially for delve events. I say this only considering these delve events would have been introduced on an earlier date that included a Fri/Sat/Sun.

In my case, I knew the event was coming up weeks ago, via Taran’s World, and scheduled a day off from work to grind the sucker.

The pet rescue isn’t bad, but the 24-hour delve event is a giant pain to complete in one day. If it’s a delve I really want to deep dive then I end up “stocking” my regular delve attempts and save them to complete the next day so I can focus on the weekly delve event.

The class event can be a little annoying as well, but the rewards there are so bad that I don’t mind missing a chance to use all my attempts if I’m busy that day.