Please extend Tuesday delves to 3-day events

Another Tuesday, another Delve I don’t have time to complete. I would love to spend the gems and get the tiers and get this thing done… but with work and family, I just don’t have the time…

Please consider extending these Tuesday delves to Tuesday through Thursday… if I had three days, I would have a shot at completing them!



They don’t mean for people with regular schedules to complete Tuesday’s event. You’re meant to spend a considerable amount of gems and fail. For now, your best bet is to slowly clear the easier delves using your daily sigils.

They might reconsider once the last delve has been released and they feel like they have enough other ways to control player progression - who knows :man_shrugging:.

Tuesdays are doable, noone said it has to be “super easy” or “the most fun ever”. Because it isn’t. :smiley:
But the problem is, you need a fast(er) team, willpower and time management. Of course it helps to only play the quicest route, since gems aren’t a problem. This should then take around ~4h.

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Yeah, that’s the problem. I don’t have 4 hours on any Tuesday to do Gems of War… at the limit, I might be able to get 2 hours. So, for me, it’s actually not doable at all.

Really, there’s no particular objective reason to bound the event to one day, let alone a workday/Tuesday. It’s just silly.

So, as I requested, I’d like to see it extended out a day or two, so that one can do all the game content in a couple of hours or less of commitment per day.

I don’t believe that’s an unreasonable request, and no one has ever presented any good reason why keeping the event as a single-day thing on a Tuesday is a good idea.


As a player, I do believe your request is reasonable. But companies tend to want to make money. A lot of people blow a lot of gems on Tuesday events, only to fail and try again some other Tuesday. Until the game has evolved to the point where delves aren’t one of the game’s major progression roadblocks and money makers, they won’t make delve events last longer or make them easier. Things might change once/if they’re done releasing delves. You can’t ask a company to voluntarily make less money :man_shrugging:

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Actually, I’m saying they are leaving money on the table.

I agree that somebody might get burned once or twice… but very quickly, the folks (like me) who haven’t got nearly the time required to complete a Tuesday will stop putting in any gems beyond what’s required for the tier rewards, and no more.

If they made the Tuesday thing a three-day event (Tue-Thu), I and I’m thinking many others would then be happy to pay the gems to get the Ts required to get the thing completely done.

Instead, I’m sitting on around 60k gems and am not spending anything each Tuesday aside from maybe T3 just to get the basic rewards.

I think they’d be making a lot more gems/money if they got that event within reach of people that haven’t got 4+ hours to spend on GoW on a Tuesday.


You’re still playing though, possibly even buying season passes, flash offers or other things!

If too many people completed too many delves too quickly, one of the game’s biggest carrots on a stick would quickly disappear and more people would quit out of boredom than quit because delve progression is a bit of a cruel joke. Once you have almost everything, you quickly run out of reasons to keep playing a collectible game like GoW. Things need to remain out of reach to create ‘loyal’ customers. GoW’s gameplay on its own isn’t deep enough to keep most people playing for long.

I believe that’s how they view it.

Delves, imperial deeds, tarot cards, war coins, tower of doom, pets, kingdom books…

Maybe the list of things out of reach for most people is getting a bit too long.
I wish you luck!

Yeah, I agree with all of this. I’ve only done one full faction on a Tuesday (I had the day off) and the rest of the time, they get the 30 gems from me for tier 1 so I can collect all the rewards and that’s it.

This is also a balance issue for newer players, because if you weren’t a) around and b) in a position to complete a faction on its debut, when it was spread over three days, well, it sucks to be you because now you have to do it in a third of the time, and on a week day, no less.

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I don’t think it works like that… there’s a difference between “challenging” and “impossible”.

For me, the time limitation on my Tuesdays makes it literally impossible for me to do the delves. I mean ok… perhaps once or twice a year if a holiday happens to fall on a Tuesday, and I feel like spending half of my holiday in Gems of War, then sure… once in a great while I might be able to try.

But, realistically, the Tuesday things aren’t simply a challenge, they are completely blocked out for me.

There’s no other content that has that sort of problem. Other one-day events can easily fit within a couple of hours. It’s only the Tuesday thing that sticks out as being something that requires a player invest 4+ hours on a single weekday to complete… and for those of us with typical jobs and families and other “life” stuff, that’s often simply not possible.

Again, I see no good reason to block that part of the game from players that can’t devote all those hours to do them on a Tuesday.

Extending the time is a pareto-optimal solution. That is, it would increase the quality of life for some (like me), potentially leave others unaffected (those that don’t care) and leave the rest no worse off (those that want the challenge of doing it all in a day could still do so.) There is literally no reason I’ve heard yet that makes any sense at all for keeping it the way it is, aside from developer priorities and I dunno, laziness? I don’t think it’s money, since I still feel strongly they’d make more if they allowed more players realistic access to that content.


Hoping they do monthly weekend delves after the underworld is complete. I have done the Tuesday complete run but it is wildly unpleasant.


I would spend more gems (and possibly money to buy more gems) if they started opening up prior faction assaults for 3 days so I’m 100% with you. I’ve been able to finish 1 delve on a Tuesday that I had off, and most of the recent new delves this year on weekends. But I had to buy up to over level 250 to complete the Warrens which was blocking a kingdom. It cost millions over the course of a campaign plus all the treasures/shards to upgrade it high enough to finally have a chance against RNG to win. I feel like I will never finish all the delves at this rate and I now have them all to 500 except for the pure run…

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Well, unsurprisingly, I am faced with another Tuesday in which I’ll be unable to spend 4-5 hours on a delve.

Please consider extending the time on these Tuesday things to three days. I’d be far more able to find a couple of hours a day during the week in which to get the delves completed!



You will have to repeat this weekly post many, many, many times.

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@EricBLivingston I understand your request.
But Silver Necropole is one of the easier ones. Take your time with High King Irongut and then try it with the daily tickets. A treasure hoard of 133 should be enough to beat it. There are some videos on youtube.
I got lucky and got it first try at the beginning of the year. I know it will not help you but it is really feasible without a tuesday event. It is not Frost Fire Keep or Dark Pits.

Well… same problem this week, and likely every week I remain employed. I wish I had the time to complete a Tuesday delve, but I just do not with work, family, and everything else.

It was a lot of fun over the weekend fully completing Black Heart to PF500… it took me two days (because as with Tuesday, I don’t have time Friday to get through an entire run) but luckily I had the extra time to get through it all! it reminded me how fun it can be to do those when you have the time to get through the whole thing.

Please consider allowing three days for Tuesday as well! I’d love to be able to actually get through more of these, but just cannot fit all the battles required into a single weekday!



There is no reason why the weekly “Tuesday” faction event couldn’t be a “midweek” event that lasts 3 days, until the start of the “weekend” event on Fridays.

Heck, I’d pay gems on a Tuesday in order to unlock an extra 2 days to max out the faction renown. Heck, Heck, Heck… I’d welcome an option to pay more gems to add 3 more days over the weekend as well if necessary. I don’t think I would need it, but it would be good to know its there.

I do every “new faction” weekend event when a new faction is launched. I estimate about 6 hours to complete it, and 6 hours over the weekend is a lot easier than 6 hours on a workday. However, doing some of the older factions is massively difficult.

However, I’d also like to see some sort of reward for completing a PF 500 without the use of potions. You would have access to the fully upgraded faction pet (assuming you completed it during a faction event), but obviously no potions. However, I would hate to see that as a roadblock for kingdom progression, and a cosmetic reward would be appropriate.


only to fail and try again some other Tuesday.

Another Tuesday 30+ weeks down the line? Assuming they are still playing the game by then?

There are over 30 factions. Only ONE of them is available every week. Therefore, if you fail, you’re looking at (on average) more than 30 weeks until that faction comes around again.

Who is going to be throwing money at this every week, failing some or most of the time, and still willing to do it all over again after literally MONTHS?

How many gems do you need on average to reach level 500 on Tuesday and try 2-3 times the last level?

I think you should be able to start where you last completed level is. If I am at 350 when the event starts, I can do 350 for first battle.

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I disagree, I prefer the event as it is, so if you use it to farm it’s most productive doing your 30 levels starting from the bottom. So you can clear very easily all the room and in a few time.

Reaching level 500 is one time and stop, and you need to invest time and gems, while farming is forever