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Please Make Tuesday Delves Weeklong Events

Like so many others, I work on Tuesdays and have a family, etc… I can’t devote the hours necessary to complete a delve completely, including PF500, in one day (especially a Tuesday of all days!)

The second, related problem is that gem investments in Tiers disappear after that day… if you don’t make it all the way, your investment goes up in smoke and you have to start over.

The combination of these two things makes is practically impossible for me to attempt it.

Please either:

  1. Make the weekly Delve a week-long event
  2. Allow gem investments to persist and remain in place, both for the daily “3 attempts” thing on that delve and when it comes back around in rotation.

While there’s no way I can finish one in a single day, I’d be far happier (and would invest the gems) if I could get it to Level X on one day, and then on another day pick up where I left off to keep going, with my gem investments in place.



In before “we can’t do that due to new faction weekends, the game can’t run two faction events in parallel”. Make Tuesday Delve run from Monday to Thursday.


Just release the new delve on Monday and problem solved.


there are only 3 delves left to be released, what do you mean?

Well, another Tuesday and I won’t have nearly enough time available to complete the delve…

Again, please consider doing something to support working players that have jobs and families and other commitments that disallow spending 5+ hours (at least) on a delve in one day!


Why not do delves outside of events, with daily attempts? :man_shrugging:


The developers apparantly wish for you to make a choice:

Either you complete the delve in a single day (or weekend) by putting in the large amount of time and effort and the extra resources to purchase potions.

Or you complete the delve as a gradual process and spend that time and effort and resources over a longer period of time by improving your hoard.

I get that (to you) it would be convenient if you could simply purchase a whole host of potions and then work the delve in an easygoing way as your schedule permits, but that’s just not one of the options on offer.

And it’s not likely to become one.

I certainly do the daily three-attempt thing, and that’s of course slow, but the big problem is you can’t get any of the buffs the events provide from gems. For a lot of delves, this isn’t a problem with a tuned team getting to 500… however, for a lot (most?) delves, trying to do a Pure Faction 500 run with no potions is next to, or actually, impossible.

Even if they kept everything else the same but allowed the purchase of potions and such on the daily 3 attempt thing (and kept that persistent day to day) it would make PF500 runs much more accessible.

And/Or if they would just “save your place” in the Tuesday event so you could continue where you left off…

The basic argument is simply this: Stop penalizing players that aren’t able to finish a delve on Tuesday. That seems like a very arbitrary thing to do. Great for people that have plenty of time on Tuesdays, and really bad for the rest of us. I’m just trying to get some parity for those of us that can’t sink half a Tuesday into that particular endeavor.


Well, that’s an interesting overstatement…,and Crypt Keepers, Hall of Guardians, All-Seeing Eye, City of Thieves, Stonesong Eyrie can be done with lower hoard levels as I personally know of people achieving it.
Do potions make it easier? Sure. But it’s a far cry from “impossible without potions”.


It’s possible to do without potions but it’s not easy.

I am worried about delves and many might disagree with me on this, but I see this game as a pretty casual game, and pure faction runs are the hardest content, by far.

And this is perfectly fine to have included because it’s optional right?

Well with the power levels of kingdoms requiring 2500 renown soon there will be a hard cap to how far people are willing to progress.
I’ve not seen any other progression mechanic in this game to force you into such a static fight. Admittedly when the power levels are an issue hopefully imperial deeds/books are in abundance and we can get more faction hoard bonuses through kingdom levels. To make things easier.

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I sympathise with the OP in relation to the time aspect of completing a faction during the Tuesday event. I have never got past about 240 in it.

However as @Dust_Angel mentions, doing them without potions is definitely not impossible. The main issue is your supply of treasures. I’ve been down to 0 shards and 0 Epic or beyond treasures, but have done them all potionless. I’m now in relative luxury with shards for those remaining.

The devs are never going to change the Tuesday faction, until at least until all underworld kingdoms are complete. They want you to spend resources/gems or pay for a bucketload of gems to keep topside. They have tried to make most of the last few delves even more RNG based, not helped players in any way (other than the Wyrmrun bugs) and have not answered this question with anything remotely positive each time it has been asked.

One thing I could see is once the next batch of kingdoms arrive, they could have similar conditions - weekend event/Tuesday rotation and underworld delves get pushed to a weekend once every few weeks. However that’s just a guess, and it’s best not to second guess much in GoW tbrh. We have no idea if there will be a delve like system for the next batch. Whatever there will be, it will be setup so players spend resources and our time will be a non factor.

If I was in OP’s shoes, I’d be doing daily delves every day possible, getting them normally to 500. I’d be looking at my gold cashflow, shards and where my kingdom bottlenecks are, then working through some of the easier PF runs to start with, which can be seen from the list posted. I’d also be going into this thread and reading how people have done the potionless efforts https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/delves-strategies-tactics-and-tips/

Do the easier ones, like Deep Hive, then build your stocks up. Do Tuesday event with a Tier 2 to L120 or Tier 3 to 160 and get shards and try and do the remaining delves over the weekend. I have had issues with that due to time, but now just spend extra gems and get them done.

Also, try and consider doing harder delves around week 7-10 of the campaign for the extra stats. 4 magic is around 40 hoard.

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I’m doing all of that.

I’m just saying there’s nothing magical about “Tuesday” being the one day where they put an event that takes hours to complete. Frankly… I think it’s ridiculous.

I’m just requesting some flexibility for people that can’t put in that sort of time on a weekday that most adults work on… that’s really it. Don’t make “how free is your Tuesday?” some kind of hurdle for in-game accomplishments.

Unless someone has an argument for why Tuesdays are clearly the only day that it’s possible to have that event, and no other options for making that event more flexible are sensible, then I don’t really see how anyone can disagree.

I also think it would be an economic win for them, which is why I hold out hope they’ll rethink this. I, along with many others, would be FAR more willing to spend the gems on that event if it were remotely possible to complete it. As it is, I’ve never put in more than Tier 2 or 3 just to get the basic rewards, because it’s not possible for me to spend the time to go all the way. Were I able to do so, I’d spend up through T7 a couple of times easily to get the Delve done, if I just had enough time.

So, I’ll just keep making my requests to rethink having that one day be the only possible way to do this.


I’m not disagreeing, I have never had time to do even half of one on a Tuesday due to work. I just can’t see them changing it to assist, due to wanting people to pay gems/cash to complete sooner.

Have we ever had a reply on stream to this question? Maybe regular attendees may know?


That’s what I find odd about the entire thing… people in my position (that is, folks that have busy Tuesdays, and while I’ve not done scientific research, my intuition says that’s a lot of players) would be happy to pay the gems to complete the event IF it were staged in a way that made completion remotely possible. I have perhaps a couple of hours on a weekday to play the game… if they restructured this thing so that I could consume that event at a rate of a couple of hours a day during the week, I’d be happy to pay the gems to do so.

I think they are both leaving money on the table, and making the game less enjoyable and more frustrating for a lot of players… and as others have pointed out, the longer the game goes the more “pet locked” we get, which makes the 3-a-day thing seem excruciatingly slow…

I’m fully caught up on all my kingdoms at this point… everything is locked, except for 7 kingdoms that are sitting at “Level a pet to 20”, “Level 2 pets to 20” or “Level 3 pets to 20” and ALL of them have only one pet to go… and ALL of them do not yet have the faction pet at 20.

The backup is pretty bad… and at 3 delves per day, it’s only going to back up more and more. Very frustrating.

Actually, another solution to the overall problem would be to just create additional ways to get pets to relieve the bottleneck… if I didn’t have to worry about the faction pets I could ignore the whole issue and just shrug and ignore the Tuesday things.


A better solution would be to have the delve events increase by 20 or 30 levels each time instead of the current 10 and adjust the amount of sigils you get from tiers accordingly. That way it still costs the same amount of gems to finish the delve but takes only 1/2 or 1/3 the time.


@EricBLivingston I don’t disagree with you. However, you do not need to do all rooms to complete the faction. It would be helpful if your guild has a guide. I am keeping one from the Black Dragon alliance so if I don’t have time, I buy tons of sigils/potions. That allows me to do just 3-5 rooms. For 3 rooms per floor x 50, 150 battles * you’re overpowered means less time to finish each battle (around 2 hours for me now, end gamer with complete delve grinding troops). If you are new, take it slow. Collect your troops first, make your Hero a little bit powerful. More than half of it can be done potionless, meaning you do not need to do it on Tuesday. Most of the time you need PATIENCE.

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Good suggestion op…

Most things in life require some sort of trade-off. We may not approve of the choice in question and therefore not make it, but there’s often no way to do things “for free”.

This is no different. But it seems to me that the OP is asking for that, asking for a change in things to make achieving maximum renown in a delve more convenient for him because the current options don’t satisfy that. That he doesn’t have the ability to devote the necessary time and effort on a Tuesday, and that he doesn’t wish to spend the time and effort (and resources) to build up a hoard to a level sufficient to conquer the delve with a faction-only team at level 500.

A high kingdom hoard is the rough equivalent of a low kingdom hoard plus those Potions of Power that the OP desires. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish, but it can be done with some level of effort. And it probably requires that effort to be a little bit every day for an extended period of time.

Now a couple of other related thoughts:

Potions of Power aren’t a cheap thing in Events. In addition to having to purchase every previous shop tier, that last tier including the Potion of Power (plus some other stuff) is 500 gems. But they only apply to that specific event and only for the remaining duration of that event.

If the developers were to be entertaining the idea of Potions of Power to be a more persistent thing, what would be a fair price point for that? Not just for the benefits of the potion itself, but a reasonable premium to account for skipping the steps that upgrade a hoard, but also the time and resources that would be saved by not having to take those intermediate steps?

Also, it’s my opinion that the fears about the need for 2500 renown in a faction for kingdom power levels is overblown. At least right now. Because the spoiler sites suggest that this isn’t a need until Power Level 29 which no kingdom is near right now. Moreover, there’s no reason to believe given the current state of the game that any kingdom is going to get to that point anytime soon. The two highest kingdoms are at 25, they’ve both been the focus kingdom of a Campaign – meaning they’ve gotten a Tarot troop, a campaign mythic/boss troop (and often in multiples) – they both have their delves, et cetera. And with there being 34 kingdoms and at least one more in the pipeline, chances are that they’re only scheduled for 1-3 new troops per year.

Not everything is meant to be easy. Or to be something that can be circumvented by some sort of “EZ” button. Some things are meant to take time and effort, often time and sustained effort, and it’s each individual’s choice as to whether or not they wish to put in what is necessary.

And if one doesn’t wish to put that in, sometimes one just has to accept that it will remain un-done.

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I agree that all delves CAN be done potionless, and Tuesday factions CAN be done in shorter times (2-5 hours, depending on whether it’s a 3 or 5 room delve).

That aside, I agree with OP in that many players WANT to spend gems/money to take “the easy way out”. If OP wanted to buy 10 T7s to complete one of the easier factions, even though it could technically be done potionless at true hoard 100, that’s their choice. Except, right now that isn’t an option, which is the point I feel OP is trying to make. It’s not whether it’s possible or not but that Tuesdays don’t work for everyone and OP (and many others) would willingly spend more gems and/or money if they could do it more spaced out.

Sure, maxing all delves is supposed to be the end game. Many people have worked hard to finish all of them and others did it on release. But other than leaderboard, why not do a Monday-Thursday faction event like OP said?

Although I guess people would argue that the game benefits more from people grinding for gold/treasures instead of spending gems. All I know is there’s plenty of people just looking for opportunities to spend money/gems that are actually useful to them.


I’m curious about something you said. You mentioned that not everything should have an “EZ button”. I assume that would include faction release weekend, where a fair amount of people max their renown.

Yes, I agree that with effort, time and planning, it’s possible to finish all factions without this “EZ button”. But what if I want the easy button that everyone had available when factions were released but I no longer have unless I dedicate time during a work day to it? If you chose not to buy potions on release, does that mean no one else should?

As you’ve also stated, max renown is overblown. There’s no real benefit other than power level 29, right? Except there’s the faction pets which you can only get to mythic if you max renown, which are needed by at two kingdoms for max power right now. Or simply because someone doesn’t care to spend hours/days/months on Lyra and just wants it over with by pressing the “EZ button”. If they want to bypass the challenge and miss out on all the “fun” by throwing cash at it, they should be able to do it.

After all, what are shrines, VIP levels, growth packs, campaign passes and such if not paying to bypass something that would take others effort, time and planning?