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Please Make Tuesday Delves Weeklong Events

@Kezef as far as I can remember it is 200 gems for the last faction tier in the shop.

Who is OP? :thinking:

Not sure if you think that OP is a person like I did when I joined the forum, but it means Original Post or something like that…


I went into the shop for this week’s World Event; 500 gems is the figure for the tier that can be purchased multiple times. Although you do get a whole slew of other stuff for that purchase – a handful of eligible troops and a bunch of event sigils. Which probably is worth something, although I’m not about to do the data-mining and number-crunching to put an explicit value on things.

But that’s the figure I’m working from and how I derived it.

I agree that this is a very real issue. And the present state of the game combined with that issue has influenced the order in which I’ve done certain delves as a pure faction run – City of Thieves several months ago, and I’m working on Dark Pits right now for that very reason.

But the solution to that problem doesn’t need to have anything to do with “make this mode of the game significantly easier for those who can afford to purchase a pile of extra help and to heck with everybody else”. Because while that would be helpful for one set of players, the “unintended consequences” of that is likely to be complaints from those players who don’t have the gem income (or desire to pay real money) to overcome that issue but are just as blocked by the lack of pets.

I’ve made suggestions in other threads for simple(r) things the developers can do to deal with this roadblock. There are pets that could be shifted. There could be the introduction of cosmetic pets into the Daily Deals at those times when it’s a direct roadblock. There could be the introduction of cosmetic pets into the standard pet rescue pools, either on an ongoing basis or during Vault weekends. The developers could even change Pet Gnomes so that the ones whomped in the Arena trigger cosmetic pet rescues – a (relatively) minor change like that might invigorate that particular game mode in a way their previous changes have not. Or maybe making every Saturday except those during Vault events a cosmetic pet rescue for the kingdom of the week.

The pet issue doesn’t have to link to the delve issues.

Except I don’t recall that they were available until several factions had passed and people started complaining about “how hard things were”. And it was a sop thrown to the squeaky wheel in lieu of any number of other potential reactions – the player base figuring out the strategies for delves, the designers creating better delves with sensible teams and troops that synergize properly, the player base taking the time and effort to grind resources, et cetera.

And just as an aside – I’m one of those people who believe life shouldn’t have some of these “EZ” buttons. That some things should simply be worked for, and that the people who want them but don’t wish to put in the time and effort simply should have to do without. Or that if you must have them without the time and effort, it should be prohibitively expensive.

Late game players are likely the ones who are most likely to be on this issue, the ones most likely to want to purchase Potions of Power to speed up this process. And they’re probably the ones with the highest in-game incomes. So would you price this, both in consideration of not wanting to exacerbate the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” (or the endgame players and the early/middlegame players) and in consideration of just how much of most in-game currencies s/he can easily farm? Even a cost measured in gems isn’t as difficult a barrier for an endgame player with high-level kingdoms who can collect a half-dozen or more rents per day.

I’m willing to entertain the idea, but things like how long a potion lasts and the price point are a big part of that. And that’s one thing I’ve yet to see when this topic pops up time and again. I’m largely opposed to the idea in the abstract but could be talked around (but not by the arguments I’ve been presented to date); I’ve yet to see anybody attempt to specify just what those numbers ought to be.

And those numbers are probably something that the developers would weigh very seriously if they were to implement the idea. Which suggests the discussion of such needs to come before that, lest the developers spring something completely unbalancing or prohibitively expensive without the community making suggestions. Because without beta testing and community input, these things frequently do not proceed well.


First of all, thank you for the reply. I have been keeping away from the forums because it was taking a toll on me but for some reason decided to reply very verbosely. I immediately felt anxious that I had stepped into something I would regret. Instead, I get a rational and well worded reply. So thank you.

I agree, it’s a slippery slope. There is a great sense of achievement from conquering something difficult, even though many people feel the same from reaping those rewards the easy way (I am not at all ashamed of spending a Tuesday morning grinding Lyra to be done with it). But I agree that I felt better finally beating Stonesong and Werewoods than I did paying for Lyra.

And pricing is tough too. It costs a prohibitive 1710 gems at a minimum during faction weekends and 2110 gems on Tuesdays, if doing full clears, and at least 7.5 hours. Obviously, time goes down based on the amount you spend but that price tag already keeps many people away. This could be the fine line compromise you’re talking about in that even with the “EZ button” it would still require effort and time. That said, I think that if the faction day could be done on any day of the week, it would certainly help OP and others with busy Tuesdays while not rafically changing the way things currently work.

Your argument about the pets makes sense and I’m sad not to have seen them elsewhere or I would’ve upvoted them.


Let me add in another suggestion for a way the developers could do it that I’ve seen elsewhere on these boards but is not my idea. (If I remembered where and when I saw it, I’d give credit to the appropriate party.)

I saw it suggested that perhaps players should be able to run one or more attempts at a Pure Faction each day without requiring sigils, some of those suggestions including the idea that players might give up any rewards (post-combat and post-delve) in return for that. Even to the point where they could spend an entire day making repeated attempts at a Pure Faction run if that’s what they wished to do.

I wouldn’t be averse to that idea, especially if it were coupled with reward forfeiture. Which isn’t why most of us run high-level delves with or without pure faction teams, but introducing that sort of “cost” would make it more of a trade-off beyond the obvious “can’t grind Hero XP” metric.

I especially wouldn’t be averse to that given that’s what I spend most of my delve attempts on these days. (I feel I get enough Chaos Shards from running the weekly event without shop purchases to keep up; if I don’t, I can always grind a couple of sigils in a “farming delve” for additional rewards.)

I think that this argument is invalid in it’s base:
it’s not penalising people for not finishing events on Tuesdays.

Tuesday events NEVER were designed as “do a pure 500 run in single day”. their deisgn is just simple: get to final rewards, which usualy takes like doing full clear of first 7-8 difficulties?. It’s few community members that started doing such pushovers, which for some abstract reasons became: ‘the right way to do it’

Don’t forget that factions were designed as challenge(and goldsink!). Things that had to take hundreds of attempts to finaly be done.

less than 50%, a lot of them require just some extra hoard (like 150 + bonuses)

these nearly impossible provide a lot of RNG you have to deal with, where even having 10 power potions sometimes is not enough to tackle it… simplest example: Lyrasza’s Lair… another one: Warrens

just to much RNG that can screw you over.


I’m just suggesting that having a lengthy event on a Tuesday, when many folks really don’t have hours to spend, isn’t a very good thing to do.

I’m not asking for an “ez button”. I’m not asking that potions be cheaper, or that the rooms be made easier, or anything else. I’m simply looking at the calendar

I believe using real-world time constraints to “gate” that event (basically, if you can’t spend X hours to get it done on a Tuesday you’re screwed) isn’t a very good game mechanic. In fact, it’s not a “game mechanic” at all, it’s some sort of strange RL constraint the developers apparently arbitrarily put on players that don’t happen to have relatively free Tuesdays. I get that ALL the events have an RL time component… but I think all would agree that the other events seem more balanced time-wise and finding the time to get them done isn’t usually an issue, or at least is far less of an issue.

If the event were changed to allow people with less time to be able to fit it into their schedules (NOT make it easier, just able to put in the time) folks like me could spend the gems if we chose to make things easier or not… but that choice would then be available. At the moment I don’t really even have the option, which is frustrating.


I like the Monday through Thursday idea, even without an additional three sigils per day

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That would be perfect, yes :slight_smile: