Why cant we do more than 3 delves s day?

As returning player only 3 delves a day is way to low number.

Could we craft etc more delves in future ? Or 6 in a day y


yes i agree 3 delves a day makes the grind horrid. there should be a delve shop where you can buy more delves.
annoyed me last week when i was doing a L500 and got killed… had to wait till the next day for a deathless run.


Typical Dev Response would be:

We can’t let you do more than 3 a day because you’d grind chaos shards to the point you wouldn’t need them anymore and you’d get infinite amounts of treasures and troops and then beat the delves to quickly after leveling the horde really high. And this would destroy the “economy”.

The REAL answer is:

It would make the game slightly less irritating and grindy and you’d be less likely to spend real money to buy gems. Which you would then in turn use to buy potions/sigils on faction days/weekends to beat the delves. And you’d also be less likely to spend those gems on daily deals for chaos shards/treasures.

The answer always comes back to “its designed this way to frustrate you into spending real money to speed things ups.”


If you buy Tier 4 in each Tuesday faction event (which you should to get the weapon) that will take each delve to lv 200. From that point you only need 10 days for each faction to take it to 500.

Completing 500 with faction team is another story but my point is getting there doesn’t take long if you utilize the Tuesday events.

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Even less time wasted if you just don’t bother :wink:

(I hate doing the pures potionless… what a complete waste of time if you fail)

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three free daily underworld sigils is a fair amount.
underworld is designed long-term / continuity.
if you want short term, then play release weekends or tuesdays.

when I started underworld I ignored it due to lazyness. with nearly a year after first stuff was released it was hard, yes. my plan followed to play every tuesday to ~100 with just a shop tier 1 and to play the three daily sigils further. I’m sure I left out many days and I don’t know how long it eventually took but it is very much doable.
I never “bought” gems or invested money.

around 20 factions I’ve beaten with a hoard 111 and a handful more with various hoard levels ranging up to 177. of course without potions. it is a grind but you’ll eventually win them. I played maybe seven factions on release weekend and the remaining ones on a tuesday to be done. it is doable, most are not that hard, it just needs continuity.