Kingdom Specific Chests

In another thread I was talking about how to handle Kingdom Specific chests, which was OT to that thread, so thought I’d open a new one to keep from polluting the Guild Wars thread.

My comments were:

After posting I kept thinking and figured there would be no need for any new screens as we could borrow the Kingdom selection from the Troop Sort, put it in the existing Chest screen, and ditch the Event Chest (since it is redundant with the changes), and voila:

My MS Paint skills aren’t exactly mythical, but it gets the point across. You select your kingdom (or All Kingdoms for chests as they are today), and the costs change to reflect. You can see in my mock up that Gold Chests are using 2 keys each as I selected Adana.

Further, if they wanted they could make it 5x resources (so 5 Key for 1, 50 Keys for 10, 250 Keys for 50) while the Event Kingdom would be just 2x and All Kingdoms would be 1x. If so, the easiest way to do so would be to adjust the Kingdom ordering to:

All Kingdoms
current Event Kingdom
remaining kingdoms in alpha order


This a great idea. Plus, it even addresses the UI issue. :smile_cat:

Done and Done!
Where do I sign @Rasper?

Liking this idea very much. Instead of Event Keys, perhaps an Event Week could simply provide a discount (or priced the same as current all-kingdom chests) for the Kingdom in question.
All we need to do is figure out a good method for the Apocalypse and Primal kingdoms!

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I’d assume that Apocalypse and Primal wouldn’t be included. Although, I suppose they could still do it. Selecting Apoc would mean you’d never get a Legendary drop, but only Mythics would be horsemen. Selecting Primal would mean you’d never get a Mythic, but only Legendary would be the current season Imp. Common to Epic would be unaffected as Event keys don’t exclude any, only give extra weight to in-kingdom drops.


The one thing that might be problematic with this is it’s not very friendly for new players. There are already a number of different kinds of chests with non-obvious differences, adding a kingdom dropdown to all that would make things even more confusing.

You could argue that new players would just keep it set to “All”, or that even if they did set it to something it wouldn’t be any different than a random legendary, but I think it has the potential to create a very negative experience for the uninformed. For instance a new player might spend currency (or even real money) on Broken Spire to try and get a Sheggra since that’s the first opposing legendary they see, then 2 weeks later realize that the “correct” thing to do would have been to set the kingdom to Glacial Peaks or Khetar or Leonis Empire since those have the best legendaries.

Basically it creates further burden of knowledge for new players, which is already a very real problem IMO. I’ve seen a number of people regret spending gems on chests when starting out before learning that you should save up to get Dragon Armor, this seems like the same sort of thing but with “mistakes” being potentially far more costly.


True it could be confusing at first. But there could easily be an addition to the tutorial phase of the game that explained it, or a one-time pop up when I player changes the Kingdom for the first time, or limiting the kingdom selection to those over level 50, or any number of methods.

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Maybe, but I feel those things also have flaws. Limiting it by level would just lead to the optimal strategy being to wait until that level to spend. A tutorial explanation would certainly explain how the system worked but not how to use it optimally - the main problem with targeting legendaries is knowing which legendaries are the good ones, and that is VERY hard to figure out without external research and/or a very good idea of what endgame looks like (which by definition is impossible for beginning players).

I think that perhaps a better approach would be to do something more like how the current legendary class weapons are implemented - you get a very concrete objective, communicated in an obvious fashion, with the ability to switch the instant you realize you made a mistake without losing progress (or resources). When I started playing the game a few weeks ago the classes and weapons were one of the only things I DIDN’T have to research since the game did a good job of explaining it in an organic fashion - you got your first class as a special quest at the end of the first zone, and upon looking at the class menu you saw perks that unlock with number of wins plus a legendary weapon (which is shown to you) at 250 wins. You can even click on the classes you don’t have to see what you need to do to unlock them.

Do a variant of this for legendaries. I think this week’s dwarf team event is a good example of how this could work - to unlock Gorgotha for instance have the requirement be to use an all-dwarf (or all-Khaziel or all-brown) team to get 500 (or whatever number) of wins. Invent a similar one for every legendary, there are tons of potential combinations so it would be quite easy and varied. Incidentally it would also add a lot to gameplay variety - maybe not to end-game PVP, but certainly to regular gameplay since now you need to make a bunch of specialized teams which would keep things fresh. I feel like it would also encourage interesting team comps much more than the current weekly incentives, like I’m not going to use Incubus for a week for some bonus glory, but I will DEFINITELY use him if it means I get an Infernal King at the end.

The kingdom of choosing only allows you to choose it once you have it level 10 and 5 starred.

This will help and typically when searching for the final troop(s) you will have it already level 10 and 5 starred.

And you get WAY over complicated on a trivial topic. It isn’t a hard thing to explain, “Keys are used to open chests. Different chests give different rarity troops, with gold being just commons and rares. If you want to target a specific Kingdom’s troops you can do so by consuming more keys per chest.”

Simple, direct, easy to implement, no need to track 27 different progression paths. I don’t see how that would be confusing at all to a new user.

And it isn’t just about targeting a specific legendary. This also lets you hone on in commons/rares to get them finally ascended.


Level 10 I’d agree. 5* no. You can’t get to 5* on a fresh kingdom until you get the common to mythic, which is part of the issue this is meant to address! Instead of needing 25,000 gold keys to get enough of a specific common (while also getting 200ish of every other common you don’t need) you would only need about 1600 keys if the event kingdom only has 1 common (2 keys per chest, 50% give a common, 50% of those are kingdom specific, so 2 * 2 * 2 * 200 = 1600 keys).


Level 10 alone is fair, better than a fixed level amount.

I am not sure how much extra resources I’d be willing to use in this, but based on the results of using, it might be worthwhile.

I am still for a targeting a specific troop/mythic etc, and less of this 0.00001% chance to see the light of day.

Yes, except the gold you spend on gold chests should be spent on kingdoms when starting out, glory should be spent on the weekly chest for Arcanes, gems should be spent on armor, oh and when you have the armor make sure you buy gem chests 50 at a time because those have a discount for higher amounts unlike gold/glory, and then on top of that there is a way to target specific kingdoms which is hugely important since some are way better than others.

Don’t get me wrong, I like your proposal quite a bit - to me personally it’s quite simple and solves a problem in a better way than the current weekly events do. I just feel that it’s too narrow of a solution in that it targets only a small subset of endgame players while also having the potential to create a negative experience for the inexperienced and uninformed, who are also an important part of the audience.

My suggestions were not meant as a criticism of your system, rather seeing if there was something that addressed your concerns while at the same catering to newer players. Perhaps that is a larger discussion that is off-topic in this thread.

Returning to this Feature Request (which is great IMHO), I think I know of a way to target the Mythic Horsemen (perhaps Imps also). Every week or so there could be a News Report about one of your Kingdoms experiencing some sort of strife. For example, rumors of Famine in Stormheim, tales of a War in Grosh-Nak, whispers of a Plague in Darkstone, etc. You can “investigate” by opening the Kingdom-specific chests to search for the appropriate Mythic.


nice idea i like it!
i didnt notice this until latest bump, so thanks for the bump too :slight_smile:

gonna leave the link below for comparison/alternative but @Rasper 's seem nicer / more interesting !

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