A revamp of the Event Chests

As much as I enjoy being able to get 2 epics and/or arcane traitstones out of the new VIP Chests I’m still saddened that they are no longer tied into weekly events. I propose that there should be an Event version of each level of chest in the game (Gold, Glory, Gem and VIP). Have the costs be adjusted like the current Event Chest is to regular Gem Chests (1.5X of base cost per 50).

This way we can target not only ultra-rares but all levels of troops. I would also make it so that ONLY the troops and traitstone colors of the current weekly event will show up. Thoughts?

If only the event chest had a smaller pool to get stuff from with even chances.

I think event chests should be changed to ONLY give troops from that specific kingdom. Change ultra rares to give a UR + a common, an epic does an epic + rare + common, and a legend does a legend + 2 rares + 2 commons. All of these of course corresponding to the event kingdom with a 0% chance of any other kingdom dropping. This would be the same for the runic traitstones as well, which currently drop randomly from all rather than from the event week colors.


I’m still puzzled by the distribution of Commons. We get all these ways to collect on every other troop but when it comes to a new kingdom, either we fork over some 3 million gold EACH or we don’t have the Common on the same level (literally). And while some people are happy to stockpile gold when a kingdom is incoming, I would rather that gold went into the guild…

They’re called Common. How are they NOT?


Yeah, I had to do my Glacial Peaks kingdom showcase with a legendary Snow Sprite despite having all other cards mythic, including the 2 legends… xD

The devs did mention something about it a while back, but didn’t do anything to help make them more common. :frowning:

A full-on support and agree with this idea! Collection is a big part of the game and the ones who have the most resources spent have no way to spend those resources in such a way as to make their Collections Group correctly!

Why not make it so that it drops a trait stone of the same rarity as the troop in the chest? Commons would be easier to get than rares but not by much and all the drops would be close to each other as far as drop chances go.