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Event traitstones

It would be nice if the traitstones in event chests were limited to the colors of that kingdom. If not just the traitstones that farming said kingdom can give, then maybe include just the three “favored” colors listed in the kingdom tab under “lore”.

Like, for example, Whitehelm has Yellow, Brown, and Blue, Adana is Red, Yellow, Brown, etc. That would be neat.

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Runics could favor the kingdom in question, much like ultra-rares do now. I’d rather less traitstones drop from things like this altogether, though.

We’re probably not going to get a complete overhaul of the drop table, but it would be nice to get fewer ruinic greens, blues, and browns, and purples from a kingdom that is supposed to drop red and yellow traitstones. Or, you know, actually getting Arcane Storms from it instead of an arcane Venom and an arcane Swamp, like I did this week. Not complaining about getting Plague’s arcanes at all, but it would be nice if it were a bit more predictable

That is a great suggestion; I’ve been very frustrated with Traistones in general… the Explore Mode is excruciating for trying to get Arcane Stones. Focused Event Chest drops would improve things.

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Arcane traitstones are so difficult to find! Explore takes forever and one is lucky if you ever get one!

Explore gets me an arcane roughly every half hour. Sure I might get stretches of like 90 minutes with none, but then I also have gotten 3 in 4 fights. That is fine to me.

But would it not make sense for event chests to only drop the arcanes of their kingdom? I’m not saying increase the drop rate, I’m only suggesting that the type available in event chests should be limited to the kingdom that the event is for.

And one arcane every thirty minutes is VERY lucky. When farming is going smoothly and I have decent luck, I can occasionally get one to drop every hour or so. Sometimes once every four hours, but that is just seriously bad luck.

I’m all for Event chests being specific to the kingdom colors, was responding to the people claiming explore is too slow. Play it on normal, use a team designed for explore and not one for pvp (since you know you’re not likely to face a fully traited high armor/life team). If you’re doing explore with a valkyrie team and trying to get 2+ casts in to max out souls, your stone farming rate is going to be slower.

I’ve farmed dozens of arcanes, usually 2-4 at a time.

Yeah… I don’t have that kind of drop rate. I guess if I did I’d be happier about it, but I guess some people’s RNG likes them a long better than mine likes me. It gets to where I just hang my head when I see my 20th minor stone in a row lol.

Today I did 133 explores and got 7 arcanes:

So for today I averaged 19 per arcane, but quite the range. People tend to remember those strings of 37 with no drop, but overlook the times it only took 3 or 4.

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You’d get such few arcanes from event keys (if they have the same rate as now, just color restricted) that you’d basically just be throwing away your keys. Plus, the wait between events could be as long as six months, whereas most glory packs should cycle in less time. I highly doubt given the option that you’d want to “try” for an arcane through an event chest with their abysmal drop rate, and I’d rather not have increased drop rates on stones taking up valuable troop spots.

Anyway, my current droprate recorded for explores is 100/1717. My last recorded set indicated 69/1111. So, between ~5.8% and 6.2%, which would put them at about 1 / 17, on average. If using a decently fast team, even with soul farming, you should be getting in about 40-60 battles in per hour. My fastest non-soul team team averages 45 seconds from map to map, which is about 80 battles per hour, but requires pretty high end stuff to do that. They really aren’t all that hard to obtain, except maybe your first few, where you have to go a bit slower given you wouldn’t have anything traited or possibly even fully leveled yet.

If you want consistent drops, you need volume, and if you want volume, you need speed (or a lot of time). Just keep at it.

I’m not saying I want them to appear more frequently or anything, and this is NOTHING about drop rate. I just want event keys to drop the RIGHT COLOR stones.

Sure, I get that. Just saying that even if every Arcane dropped from an event key was the color of the current weeks event, under the current drop rates, they would still not come in any significant quantity. Trying to spend event keys to target them to drop even in this instance would be wasting your event keys. I’m not strictly against the proposed change, but mainly arcane drops from event keys don’t need to be predictable because you don’t spend event keys to look for arcane stones. They would almost never coincide with whatever legendary you just got to drop, anyway.