Kingdom targeted pvp

Since in PVP the traitstones you get are determined by the kingdom you are invading, it would be nice if you could target specific kingdoms (but not people, to prevent abuse) to invade. While you can farm challenges for targeted traitstones, doing so gives up a ton of gold, trophies, and glory which makes it feel painfully inefficient. Especially when you need a specific Arcane with a 2% drop rate. Doing 50 challenges instead of PVP means giving up around 75000 gold, 50 trophies, and 150 glory. Conversely, with randomness of invading, it is quite demoralizing to finally get an arcane to drop and either you don’t need it (like Death, which you only need 3 of total), or one you have a good supply of already from the event packs.

But, if I’m looking for Arcane Venom to upgrade my Star Gazer it would be nice to target my invades for Zhul’kari.


That would be very nice. I set my home kingdom to ‘Darkstone’ trying to get Arcane Skull stones. I had one of them a month ago and today I still have only one.:frowning: As you stated it’s hard for us to do challenges when we need to win gold/trophies for our respective guilds.


Yes! I agree with the OP. That would be awesome. Arena in all kingdoms would be nice too.