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Any way to get arcane traitstones?

i have bought sooooooo many gem chests and i have not gotten a single arcane venom traitstone, so is there a way to get some from battles?

i was thinking maybe farmming zhul’kari because it is purple/green, like the venom stone. but im not sure if that logic works with arcane stones.

Yes, it does. The drop rate for Arcanes in Challenges is very low, though (about 2%) so be prepared for a very long slog. Consoles do not yet have Exploration mode, which is specifically targeted at Arcane farming; when that arrives it will be much easier for you to farm. The only other viable option at the moment is to hoard Glory and spend it when a Green/Purple troop is available in the shop, or else to buy one of the traitstone packs (for $) when Arcane Venom is in the set.

Good luck!

well that’s a crappy drop rate. any idea when the update is coming to console for the exploration mode? we just got new troops today, they are the abyssal cards, infernal king is the legendary for this release. not sure when pc got the exploration mode…will probably get the releases in the same order as pc did.

Also, how much does doing the challenges on warlord IV improve chances by?


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  1. Arcanes will drop from the Kingdom who’s colors match the Traitstone

  2. Explore mode is probably 2-3 months away, unless they lump it into the next update (It’s the 2.0 update with new PvP, Explore mode came in 2.1)

  3. No way at all to affect drop rates. Everything you may have seen/heard is just baseless rumours

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…the purple arcane traitsonte pack is up, but there is no venom stone in the pack even though it is purple, someone what to explain this BS?

im trying to increase my VIP rank anyways, so i would gladly buy this pack for the $35 it asks for if it had the venom stone in it. why would you call it “purple arcane traitstone pack” if it doesn’t have ALL OF THE PURPLE TRAITSTONES???

It is actually the forest arcane stone (brown/green) that is missing. And it also appears that there are two lines of 6 arcane skull traitstones (12 total).

edit: my bad, I was still thinking of the brown pack from last week :stuck_out_tongue: It is indeed the venom (purple/green)